Fire Damage Restoration


Space heaters and other sources help keep a house comfortably warm in the colder months, but if not used properly, they can become extremely dangerous. With home heating as the country’s second leading cause of fires, taking fire prevention and safety measures is crucial now more than ever. 


Detroit winter is just around the corner, and so the time for gathering, roasting marshmallows, and snuggling down under a blanket in front of the fireplace or a toasty heater has come again. While this season is when we spend the most quality time with our loved ones huddled together indoors, it’s also when we use our home’s heating equipment the most. 


Save yourself from the lengthy, painful process of having to go through fire damage restoration after a blaze. Here are some practical tips to help protect your Detroit home from a devastating fire.


Check All Your Heating Equipment


Space heaters, central heating systems, and fireplaces can cause your home to ignite,  especially if they have undetected or unchecked issues. This is why an annual professional checkup is crucial. Catching problems early on can save you from suffering from further complications. 


It also pays to remember that heaters and other heat sources need space. To prevent fire inside your home, keep flammable items such as paper, matches, clothing, bedding, furniture, and carpets at least three feet away from any heat sources.


Always Pay Attention When Cooking


Entertaining and cooking for your family or guests can be fun, but it must still be done with caution and attention. According to a 2020 National Fire Protection Association report, unattended cooking equipment is the leading cause of cooking fires. 


As such, staying inside the kitchen as long as the stovetop is on is recommended. If you must leave, it’s better to turn it off and resume cooking when you return. Asking another person to watch over the food while you’re away is also a good idea. 


Staying attentive allows you to recognize any problem that may arise and respond quickly.


Be Careful With Candles


Winter and the holidays are the best time for using scented candles. While there’s nothing wrong with filling your home with your favorite aroma, it’s always a good idea to do so with care. 


An open flame can start a fire at any moment, so it’s best to keep your burning candles away from anything flammable. You don’t want them anywhere near blankets, curtains, and lampshades. You must avoid putting them on an uneven surface, as this makes them more likely to be toppled over. 


Finally, keep your candles at least three feet away from spaces where people usually gather, and don’t forget to blow them out before you sleep or leave the room.


Keep Your Fireplace Safe


The fireplace is another common cause of home fires during winter, so it’s crucial that you use it with caution. 


Using a cover is one practical way to keep your home and everyone inside it safe. Whether you have a traditional wood-burning unit or an electric fireplace, a cover helps prevent people from getting in direct contact with the heat source. It’s also helpful in keeping the fire and embers inside traditional fireplaces. 


Finally, don’t forget to have your chimney inspected and professionally cleaned in time for winter. Doing so helps clean up blockages that can catch on fire and allow smoke and CO² to easily flow out of your home.


How To Keep Your Home Safe All Year Round


While risks of property fires may be particularly high during the colder parts of the year, it pays to remember that these emergencies can strike at any time. Here are extra tips worth following to keep your home safe and sound, no matter the season:  


  • Regularly check electrical cords and outlets inside your home and consult a licensed electrician if you suspect any issues. 
  • Keep your stove and oven clean to prevent the buildup of combustible substances like grease and food splatter. 
  • Have a Class A fire extinguisher inside your home. Installing carbon monoxide detectors can also help you control flames before they escalate. 

Know the fire damage restoration experts in your area. Saving their contact information can help you immediately get the help you need in case of an emergency.


Protect Yourself From the Stress of a Property Flame With Professional Fire Damage Restoration


While house fires can be more common in winter, the good news is that they can be prevented. Proactively taking the safety precautions earlier can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe and warm with your home intact throughout the winter. 

Ultimately, know that there are local professionals available to help you during emergencies. Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit has licensed, insured, and certified experts who can perform fire damage cleanup, smoke damage restoration, and soot removal. Call Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit to get expert help! We’ll gladly assist you in your time of need until your home is safe and healthy again.