Water Damage


Torrential rainfall often brings a deluge of water, which can overwhelm your home. When this happens, water makes its way through your property, leaving considerable damage in its wake. To reduce the damaging effects of water intrusion, it helps to be prepared by identifying problem areas that require cleanup after the rain.


Where To Check For Water Damage


It’s always a good idea to check your home for signs of water intrusion to mitigate water damage and minimize costs for restoration and repair. You may even prevent damage altogether if you can catch water ingress early on. 


Here are five of the most common areas to start looking:




The basement is usually one of the first to flood during heavy rains. Water always seeks out the lowest place, making the basement ideal for water to settle. Early detection of water seepage is crucial when dealing with flooded basements to mitigate the damage and prevent microbial growth. 




Roof intrusions almost always lead to water damage in your attic. Most of the time, the damage goes unnoticed until it extends to the floors underneath, such as warping and visible microbial growth. If there are signs of water damage, consider having your attic inspected professionally to repair leaks and cracks that lead to water seepage. 


The Walls Near a Window


The windows are a prime spot for water leaks. During heavy rainfall, water can seep between the window sash and the jamb, trickle down to the framing studs, and rot the window frame and adjacent wall. 


Under the Siding


When flood waters rise to a high enough level, water can enter through the siding and reach the drywall behind it. Check for moisture inside the drywall, which could be challenging since it may not exhibit any signs. Alternatively, you can have your siding professionally inspected and cleaned. Otherwise, you may need to replace the drywall entirely. 


Exterior Door Threshold


The exterior door and surrounding areas are subject to saturation every time it rains heavily. As a result, they can soak up moisture whenever they are exposed to moisture and can swell, which may eventually lead to rotting. 


Signs You Need Professional Water Damage Clean Up


When surfaces are constantly exposed to moisture, the damage to the material can build up, causing the damage to worsen. At that point, you may need to work with a professional water damage company to repair the damaged material and restore your property. 


Here are some signs you need professional help:


Microbial Growth


Under the right conditions, mold still requires at least 48 hours to grow on various surfaces. After that, it can be observed as small patches of mold, which can be addressed using home remedies. But most of the time, they can grow undetected and will require professional water damage clean up to ensure complete removal. 


Cracking and Warping


As water seeps into your wall or ceiling, the paint or wallpaper may blister and bubble. If water damage is left to progress, it will begin to peal and crack, which is a surefire sign that it’s exposed to excessive amounts of moisture. Eventually, this can lead to warping of the material.




Water that comes into contact with your property will often leave unsightly marks. This can be visible as brown streaks across your floors or walls, which could signify water intrusion due to a leaky pipe or roof penetration. Either way, it’s best to get in touch with professionals who can fix the issue at the source and repair any damage caused.


Call the Water Damage Clean Up Experts


Inspecting your home regularly for water damage is a necessary practice, especially after heavy rainfall in your area. This allows you to identify problematic areas for potential microbial growth and implement mitigating measures that minimize damage to your property. If there is excessive water damage, your best bet is to call a reliable water damage company for quick water damage clean up and property restoration. Restore your property to its original condition and minimize your costs by calling Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit today!