Hidden Storm Damage


Water damage is a common problem many homeowners face as a result of various causes. The extent of water damage can range from slight water damage that you may be able to repair yourself to severe water damage that compromises the structure and materials that make up your home. 


There’s not much you can do to stop storms and floods from happening in your area and limited steps you can take to minimize the damage. But when it comes to the water damage caused by leaks in your plumbing, fortunately, there are measures you can implement to detect whether there is a leak, find it, and have it fixed before it causes significant water damage to your home. Here’s what you should know about finding any hidden leaks in your home.


Ways to Find a Hidden Leak


Some leaks can be easy to find, such as faucets in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors that are leaking quickly. But there are also hidden leaks around your home that can go unnoticed because they’re hidden within your walls, or the sound of water dripping isn’t loud or fast enough to be noticed. Here are some of the most common signs that suggest there’s a leak in your home:


A Higher Water Bill


If your water consumption habits haven’t changed and your water provider hasn’t announced an increase in rates, your water bill should stay roughly the same. A higher water bill, however, suggests a hidden leak that may be increasing your water consumption.


Water Meter Test


Turn off all the faucets and ensure that any equipment attached to your plumbing is turned off. Next, locate the water meter and check if it’s still moving. If it’s still running, it means there’s a large leak that’s fast-moving. On the other hand, if it takes several hours for the meter to move, it’s a slow leak you might not be noticing.


Toilet Dye Test


Your toilets can potentially waste gallons of water per day if there’s a leak present. To check for leaks, add some food coloring into the toilet tank and wait 10 minutes without flushing the toilet. If you find the water in the toilet bowl colored, there’s water leaking from the tank into the bowl.


Check Your Outdoor Fixtures


The leak may be from your outdoor faucet or any fixtures like your irrigation system. Signs like puddles and wet ground suggest a leak somewhere in the system. Ideally, you should have professional maintenance done on your outdoor plumbing at least once a year.


What to Do If You See Signs of a Hidden Leak


If you can pinpoint where the leak is, you might be able to stop any additional leaking until it’s repaired. For example, if one of the toilets in your home that’s the cause of a leak, there should be a valve that can turn off the water connection to the toilet. Doing this can stop your water consumption from increasing and prevent mold, excess dampness, and water damage. 


Whether or not you find the leak, contact a plumber to repair the issue in your plumbing. In the meantime, you can take steps such as water cleanup to minimize the effects of water damage. If caught early, the damage should be pretty minimal. But if left unchecked for too long, there may be significant damage that will require professional water damage restoration.


Trust the Experts of Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit to Handle the Aftermath of Water Damage


Spotting the source of a leak can help you take action, contact a professional, and minimize the water damage on your property. If the damage has led to water stains, mold, or damage to your property, you’ll need the help of professionals to conduct water cleanup and water damage restoration to keep your home safe. 


Having a team like Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit can help you manage the property damage caused by leaks and other causes of water damage. Our certified technicians can assess the damage and restore your home as quickly as possible for your household’s safety.

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