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Commercial Storm Cleanup Services

If you live in a high storm area, you will want your local Restoration 1 on speed dial. Storms can happen at any time of the day or night and catch you off guard. Restoration 1 has built its reputation by offering the top commercial storm cleanup services in the country. As locally-owned and operated restoration companies, we can address your commercial storm damage within an hour of your call. We are on hand and expertly trained to salvage your business!

There are three main reasons why Restoration 1 is the number one choice for commercial storm cleanup: we use the most advanced restoration equipment, have many years of training, and our crew has IICRC certification. We work quickly and thoroughly, ensuring zero wind, hail, or water damage remains in your property after any ordeal.

Commercial Storm Cleanup Process

Restoration 1 technicians have dealt with just about every type of storm possible. We can reverse the commercial storm caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, thunderstorms, and wildfires. In the event of a terrible storm, we offer you a straightforward process aimed to provide relief and get things back to normal, with your doors opening to customers again.

Firstly, give our emergency number a call, and we'll be round within the hour to assess and inspect your property. Next, we start on the commercial storm damage remediation, followed by cleanup and sanitization. Our final step in the process is restoration and repair. The process is simple; it begins with you and ends with a clean, damage-free business.

Our Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup Services

Our commercial storm damage remediation services include:

  • Removal of debris and full cleanup of the impacted property
  • Boarding up of your property to prevent theft and/or injury
  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Roof repairs due to hail, extreme winds, and/or water damage
  • Restoration and repairs to electric, natural gas, and heat
  • Contents pack-out and storage while remediation takes place
  • Furniture and contents restoration
  • Complete property reconstruction services
  • Emergency water mitigation

The Destruction Each Storm Brings


If the hail is small, you won't even notice it, but when the hail is the size of baseballs, you can expect them to cause a fair amount of damage to the structure of your home – hitting your property and tearing it apart.


High winds are a force of nature. They can wreck property in no time at all. The wind can tear off a roof and break out windows, not to mention tear off anything attached to your home on the outside.


Although rain itself shouldn't be an issue to your property (unless your roofing is in bad shape) but hard rain, in a short period, can often result in flooding.


Although it doesn't often seem that lightning strikes buildings or the ground, it happens more often than we think. The Restoration 1 team knows how to deal with fire and smoke damage caused by lightning.


Luckily earthquakes are not common. But in the case of an earthquake, most of the damage is caused by the shaking of your property's structure. Whatever the destruction to your building, we can help.


Most tornado damage is from the extremely high winds and flying debris. Damage can be devastating, some tornadoes – with winds up to 300mph – can remove buildings right from their foundation.

Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup Experts

Your local Restoration 1 is the top choice for commercial storm damage remediation for several exceptional reasons, including: our certified IICRC experts, our 24/7 availability, we are licensed and insured, and we work with all insurances. Restoration 1 is proud to serve our community and provide business owners in the area with the fastest response times and highest-quality repair and cleanup work possible after a storm. For 24-hour commercial storm damage remediation and recovery services, call your local Restoration 1 immediately.

Services vary by Location. Contact your local Restoration 1 for more details.

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