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Water can be a severely destructive force. It attacks everything in its path – from wood floors, walls,
carpeting, tiles, drywall, and furniture. As our temperatures freeze this week, it’s not unusual for pipes to
burst. Plumbing that bursts from the arctic temperatures can destroy areas of a house or business
quickly. When that happens, here are the things to discuss with a water remediation specialist.

6 Important Factors When Hiring a Water Restoration Company

1. Response time. You need to call a water restoration expert immediately. How fast can they
service your home or business? The sooner water damage repair can start, the better and more
timely the results.

2. Professionally trained. While you want a quick response, you also need certified property
restoration experts that can assess the damage and design a plan of action specific to your
home or office.

3. Top Level Equipment. The equipment used to dry out your property is important. Like
everything else, the latest equipment performs the task more efficiently and with better
results. The restoration company you use should be able to reverse the effects of water
damage in a timely manner and leave your property totally dry.

4. Sanitize and Dehumidify. Almost immediately, mold begins to form in areas that are wet. Mold
can cause an unsafe environment. Make sure the company you call can diagnose mold issues,
begin the clean-up process and follow through with a sanitization and dehumidifying process.

5. Contaminated Content Removal. In some cases, contents must be removed before the remediation process
can begin. Can the restoration company you call take care of removing contents?

6. Repair Damage. It’s important to dry out the area quickly, but what happens to the floors,
drywall, or other areas that are damaged. The restoration company you call should be able to
repair the damages to pre-damaged condition.

Contact Restoration 1 to Service Your Frozen Pipes

If your pipes fail this week, or any other week, call Restoration 1 of Detroit at 734-892-1195. We work
with businesses and families throughout the Detroit and Western Wayne County.