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Water Leak Detroit


While water damage emergencies can happen at any time of the year, they become more common during winter. Factors such as freezing temperatures, cool winds, and thawing snow make plumbing problems and water damage more common. 

Implementing preventive measures and enlisting regular maintenance can help you avoid the most common water leaks in the winter. Even in the event of a leak or burst pipe, professionals specializing in water damage restoration in Detroit can help you address the leak and protect your home from more extensive issues. 

Start safeguarding your home from water and ensure everyone enjoys a relaxed winter by checking these spots for leaks.


The Roof


The colder temperatures during winter make it more common for snow to melt on the roof and refreeze at the eaves. This can result in ice dams that keep water from draining normally into your gutters and away from your home. 

Melted snow typically backs up and pools in areas on your roof. This causes water to penetrate under the shingles and eventually leak through the attic. 

You’ll know that snow and ice dams on your roof are causing problems when watermarks start to appear on your ceiling. You may also find trails of water cascading down your walls.


In Foundation Cracks


Besides leaking into your home, ice dams and clogged gutters can also cause water to gather around your foundation. When this happens, water may seep into your home’s existing foundation cracks. If left unattended, it may create new fractures through repeated freezing and thawing. 

This is why it’s crucial to watch out for cracks along your foundation walls, at the intersection of adjacent walls, and near windows and doorways. Leaks that reach foundation cracks can cause rotting and microbial growth and, more importantly, structural damage to your home.


Your Water Heater


Water heaters often work double time during winter, making them prone to leaks and other serious problems. Left unchecked, these problems can cause your heating equipment to fail and even flood your home. 

Consider having your water heater repaired as soon as you see significant signs of wear to save yourself from unexpected water damage restoration in Detroit. It’s also a wise idea to have your unit drained and inspected for scale buildup or rust once a year. 

Ultimately, if your water heater is already past its expected lifespan, invest in a replacement before waiting for issues to arise. Upgrading to units with higher efficiency will not only protect your home from water damage but also give you a cost-effective and reliable hot water supply for more years to come.


The Plumbing System


Your home’s pipes can freeze and burst when the temperatures drop, with those installed along exterior walls and uninsulated areas particularly vulnerable. When pipe bursts, gallons of water can rush into your home and soak everything in its way, creating an overwhelming mess.  

This is why it helps to pay special attention to supply lines in the attic, crawl spaces, and outdoor walls, ensuring they’re properly insulated. Rubber and foam are popular insulation solutions because they’re easy to install yet effective in trapping warmth. Fiberglass insulation is another excellent option that protects pipes from the cold.


BONUS: The Basement


Other than the four areas mentioned above, your basement is another vital part of the home vulnerable to winter water damage. A large volume of melting snow coupled with poor drainage and sump pump backups can flood basements within seconds. 

Cleaning and inspecting your sump pump is recommended to avoid this stressful scenario. Investing in a sump pump powered by a generator is also a practical idea if you live in an area with power outages due to winter storms.


Take Action As Soon as You See Signs of Leaks: Enlist The Help of Professionals


Knowing where leaks can occur in your home during winter can definitely help you prepare for the worst. However, remember that emergencies can still happen and affect even the most prepared property owner. If a leak in your building, it’s best not to delay getting help from professionals. Addressing the source and removing water from your house as quickly as possible can keep costly and frustrating issues at bay. 

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