Roof Repair Suffolk County


With winter officially starting on December 21, there’s no time to waste winterizing your home and getting ready for the colder temperatures. As you get busy with insulating pipes, installing storm windows, and having your fireplace checked one last time, it’s crucial that you don’t miss preparing your roof for New York’s harsh winter weather, too.   


Forgetting about the very structure that shields you from the elements can be a costly oversight, especially with ice and snow building up on your roof all the time. As a result, you may find yourself hiring an unexpected roof repair in Suffolk County or experiencing frustrating roof leaks – the last things you’ll want to deal with when it’s cold outside. 


The good news is those roof problems during winter can be avoidable. Taking the necessary preventive measures before the harsher weather starts can help you enjoy the holiday season without worry and roof repair hassles. 


Common Issues to Watch Out For


Understanding the common problems that can affect your roof during winter can help you prepare your home properly.


Roof Collapse from Snow Loads


With Suffolk County experiencing an average of 27 inches of snow every year, it won’t take long for ice and snow to accumulate on your roof. If left to build up, the additional weight can place unnecessary strain on the roof and eventually cause permanent damage. 


Snow buildup can also create ice dams, leading to leaks, structural damage, and collapse.


Water Leaks


With temperatures fluctuating throughout the day and heat escaping from your home, ice and snow on your roof can melt and freeze again repeatedly. This freeze-thaw cycle can cause water to seep through the shingles and onto your roof, eventually leading to attic leaks and damage to your insulation.


Ice Dams 


Melting snow and ice trapped on your roof can become ice dams along your roof’s edges, gutters, and downspouts. These ice formations can keep water from flowing down the spouts, creating pools of water on your roof that damage the shingles and leak water into your home, requiring prompt water damage restoration in Suffolk County.  


How To Protect Your Roof From Winter Damage


Repair Damaged Shingles and Flashing


Taking a preventive approach is a practical way to save yourself from a costly roof repair in Suffolk County. Before winter officially starts or any issues pop up, it’s best to have a professional check your roof and its shingles and flashing for problems.


  • Broken shingles allow water to seep underneath them and eventually leak into your living spaces. 
  • Loose shingles are prone to be blown away by strong winter winds. 
  • Faulty flashing may not be able to divert water from your chimneys, vents, and skylights, allowing moisture to easily seep into the seams.


Clean Out Your Gutters


Dead leaves, branches, and other debris in your gutters and downspouts can make it difficult for melted snow to flow freely down and away from your home. When this happens, the water can back up to your roof and freeze when the temperature drops, leading to ice damming. To avoid this problem and the messy leaks it can create, ensure your gutter system is clear of any buildup.


Trim Nearby Trees


If you have tall trees hanging over your house, trimming them can also help you prevent clogged gutters and downspouts. It’s also worth noting that long tree limbs and dead trees can snap and fall on your property during winter storms, causing severe damage.


Add Extra Insulation to the Attic


Ensuring your heating system works optimally can help you stay warm through the colder months. With that said, it also helps to check that your home is properly insulated. Otherwise, your furnace will have to work harder to keep your building warm – and the heat can reach the roof and cause ice and snow to melt. Water that melts and re-freezes will cause structural damage to your roof. 


Get Professional Water Damage Restoration in Suffolk County to Stay Warm and Comfortable


Winter is just around the corner, and there’s no time to waste in safeguarding your roof from the harsh elements. Taking the time to repair issues, trim potentially dangerous trees, and improve insulation can go a long way in ensuring your roof keeps cold air and melting snow out for the next few months. 


However, weather conditions are unpredictable, and even fortified roofs can get overwhelmed by strong winds or heavy snowfall. If a recent winter storm has left you in urgent need of water damage restoration or roof repair in Suffolk County, call Restoration 1 of Suffolk County anytime for help. 

Our local restoration company offers rapid response 24/7 to get your property back to normal as soon as possible. Contact us today, and let us help you make your home safe, warm, and comfortable again.