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Professional Restoration ServicesConstruction technology and building practices have yet to reach a point where all properties can be built entirely fireproof. As a result, many properties in Suffolk County are still prone to fire hazards that can cause devastating property damage. 

Immediately after a fire, you may be considering contacting various service providers to handle the repairs your property needs. However, your best solution is to work with professional technicians who deliver top-quality fire damage restoration Suffolk County properties need. 

Here are some reasons many property owners seek professional restoration services to handle fire damage. 

Why Property Owners Need Fire Damage Restoration in Suffolk County

Fire can devastate your property and leave damage you can’t see with the naked eye. Rather than trying to perform DIY repairs, you should hire professionals to conduct restoration work for several reasons. 

1. Protect Yourself (and Others) From Hidden Health Hazards

You could sweep away the debris and remove some obvious fire damage around your property. However, you may fail to address the lingering objects on your property that could be health hazards. These include:

  • Smoke, Soot, and Ash: Your property could have plenty of microscopic debris that could enter your lungs and bloodstream when inhaled. These could be dioxins and other toxic compounds; exposure and inhalation could lead to long-term health effects. This includes heart attacks, strokes, and respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.
  • Toxic Chemicals from Fire Damage: Chemicals from Fire Damage: While plastics, foam, textiles, and wood around your property’s structure are generally safe, exposing these materials to fire can result in toxic materials. These everyday household materials don’t burn cleanly and, as a result, produce a chemical reaction that results in soot that’s full of poisonous substances.
  • Exposure to Toxic Indoor Spaces: By confining yourself and others to indoor spaces that haven’t been treated for fire damage, you risk exposing yourself to substances such as asbestos, ammonia, formaldehyde, and other substances that could cause cancer or long-term health effects on your eyes, skin, heart, and lungs. 

2. Minimize Losses Over Salvageable Items

To the untrained eye, some items may seem beyond repair and deemed unsalvageable. Unless your insurance covers it, you may need to pay out of pocket to replace the item. What you might need to realize, however, is that item was salvageable. 

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that 2021 property damage caused by fires was estimated at $15.9 billion. Unless you have more than adequate insurance to cover all kinds of losses, you can minimize how much you have to spend on replacing everything lost in the fire when you have experts delivering fire damage restoration in Suffolk County who keenly know how to salvage your property. 

3. Streamline Insurance Policy Claims 

Having adequate property insurance coverage is a smart way to mitigate losses in a fire or any other natural disaster. However, before you can file a claim with your insurance provider, they will need several documents and undergo various processes before giving you the payout. If you want to streamline this process, you should work with restoration companies who can work with the insurance company to restore your property. 

Restoration companies work with teams that can assess the damage, give a rough cost estimate, and negotiate insurance company payouts. Depending on your property damage, you may be fully covered by your insurance company and won’t have to pay for the entire restoration. This is the faster, smoother, and cost-effective option compared to dealing with property damage and your insurance provider. 

4. 24/7 Emergency Services To Start Restoration ASAP

Fires can strike your property anytime, and professionals must handle your home as soon as the fires have been safely managed. While the immediate danger has been handled, factors like gravity, wind, and the worn property structure could cause even more significant and costly damage. 

By working with a team that can provide restoration services at a moment’s notice, you can begin the restoration process immediately and prevent the existing damage from getting worse. 

Trust the Team of Restoration 1 to Deliver Top-Quality Fire and Water Restoration in Suffolk County

Natural disasters like fires can have devastating effects on your property. With the help of a reliable restoration company like Restoration 1 of Suffolk County, you can have a team of certified technicians restore your property to its original state and reduce the risks, inconveniences, and other setbacks that prevent you from returning to your property. 

Professional restoration services are just one call away, any time of the day. Hire a reliable team for fire and water restoration in Suffolk County and contact Restoration 1 today