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Suffolk County

Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Having renters insurance can be a major assistance in case anything goes wrong. Although it’s not legally required, some landlords require or prefer renters to be covered by insurance in…

What Is A Nor'easter & How Can You Prepare Your Home For One?

What Is A Nor’easter & How Can You Prepare Your Home For One?

As winter approaches, the transition from hurricanes to nor’easters takes center stage, marking a shift in weather patterns. While hurricanes dominate summer discussions, homeowners should also pay attention to nor’easters…

What Temperature Do Pipes Freeze?

What Temperature Do Pipes Freeze?

As the holiday season approaches, families and friends eagerly anticipate the opportunity to come together and celebrate the festivities, exchange gifts, and create lasting memories. However, while everyone is busy…

How Do You Know If Your Pipes Are Frozen?

How Do You Know If Your Pipes Are Frozen?

Unfortunately, with Suffolk County’s cold and snowy winter, frozen and burst pipes are a real concern among property owners. The consequences can range from structural damage to bacterial growth, and…

thanksgiving fire prevention tips

Thanksgiving Fire Prevention Tips

As Thanksgiving approaches, our hearts swell with gratitude for the joys and blessings of life. It’s a time for family gatherings, delicious feasts, and heartfelt celebrations.  However, amidst all the…

Frozen Pipes

How to Fix Frozen Pipes: What You Need to Know

Winter is fast approaching, and the frigid winter temperatures bring with them the risk of frozen pipes — an immense inconvenience to your daily life.  Frozen pipes not only disrupt…

Blog: Mold in Your Basement? Here's What To Do

Mold in Your Basement? Here’s What You Need To Do

  Basement mold is a common problem in residential properties that shouldn’t be overlooked. Mold is a fungus with many ecological benefits. However, it can also be a health hazard…

Mold Detection

How Mold is Detected: A Quick Guide

Mold plays an essential role in the natural environment as it helps break down organic matter, such as falling leaves and dead trees. In outdoor areas, mold thrives in shady,…

Urban Scene Skyline Morning View

Restoring Structural Integrity in Commercial Properties After Water Damage

Commercial buildings have a high number of foot and vehicle traffic daily. They must be structurally sound to ensure the public’s safety. Unfortunately, commercial buildings are susceptible to water damage….

Professional Restoration Services

The Benefits of Using Professional Restoration Services for Fire Damage

Construction technology and building practices have yet to reach a point where all properties can be built entirely fireproof. As a result, many properties in Suffolk County are still prone…

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