Water Damage Restoration


As a business owner, your responsibilities don’t end with overseeing your operations and managing your people. Keeping your commercial property in optimal condition is also crucial in ensuring your venture’s success. 

Protecting your building from issues like water damage can be challenging. Aside from identifying leaks early to enlist prompt water damage restoration, the duty of minimizing the impact of commercial water damage on your operations also falls on your shoulders.

Some issues you may need to manage after the unfortunate event of a flood or plumbing leak include:


Equipment Loss Property Damage


One of the most common ways water damage impacts businesses is by damaging valuable equipment. 


Since commercial properties usually house electronic devices, specialized manufacturing equipment, and even supplies for day-to-day operations, water entering your facility can damage machines and spoil stocks that can be costly to repair and replace. It can also soak your flooring, drywall, ceiling, and other parts of the building, compromising its structural integrity.


Employee Health and Safety


When water is present in areas it isn’t supposed to be in, accidents from slippery floors, malfunctioning machines, or unstable structures can arise. 


Moreover, severe or long-term water damage can also promote mold and microbial growth. And without proper mold and water cleanup, you are likely putting yourself and your staff at risk of developing serious respiratory conditions.


Unforeseen Financial Costs and Losses


Commercial water damage can also directly impact your cash inflow. For example, landlords may find it hard to lease their rental properties to tenants because of water damage issues. Owners of retail businesses may also need to cut back on their open hours to give way to significant repairs, resulting in lower productivity, lost revenue, and added costs.


Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage


Water damage can happen for many reasons, but awareness of its different sources can help you identify the issue early and avoid further complications. On that note, here are the most common causes of commercial water damage business owners should watch out for:


Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks also affect commercial properties as they do residential properties. In addition, they can happen due to burst pipes, leaking faucets, problems with the building’s sprinkler systems, and more.


HVAC Leaks

HVAC systems are crucial in keeping your employees and customers comfortable while inside your facility. However, remember that they can also accumulate condensation and wear away over time. Inspecting and maintaining your HVAC system clean helps you avoid moisture problems on your commercial premises, ultimately eliminating risks of microbial growth and other structural damage.


Roof Damage

During the wettest months of Kansas City, heavy rainfall coupled with improper roof drainage can cause indoor leaks. Unfortunately, this type of water damage often happens in areas hidden away from view, allowing it to worsen before occupants notice the problem.


Damaged Windows

When windows or seals are damaged, they serve as entryways for water and moisture to seep into commercial buildings. If left unaddressed, the excess condensation inside can quickly lead to microbial growth, warped wood, and further water damage.


How to Prevent Commercial Water Damage


If you find yourself in the middle of a water emergency,  experts in your area should be able to assist with effective water cleanup and water damage restoration. 


With that said, know that there are also plenty of ways for you to avoid dealing with the overwhelming mess and stress of excess water intrusion. Following these tips can save you from dealing with the crippling impact of commercial water damage: 


Regularly Inspect Your Property for Water Damage

If you have recently experienced flooding or any water damage event, make it a priority to inspect your facility thoroughly. Proactively searching for potential issues and getting the necessary repairs early goes a long way in preserving your commercial property.


Maintain Your HVAC and Plumbing System

Your HVAC, plumbing, and sprinkler systems may seem harmless, but the slightest issue in their structure can lead to huge problems and significant losses. To avert more significant issues, it’s a smart idea to conduct regular inspections and keep up with their routine maintenance.


Clear Your Roof and Gutters

Removing fallen leaves, debris, snow, and ice from your roof may seem like plenty of work, but doing so helps the structure do its job correctly. 


Managing ice and snow accumulation is a practical way to ensure your roof isn’t carrying too much weight. While clearing your gutters of dead leaves allows water to flow from the roof and away from your property.


Work With Certified Professionals

If you want to ensure a thorough inspection is done on your commercial property, don’t delay contacting water damage restoration professionals in Kansas City. Professionals will know what signs to look for and how to address water damage at its early stages to spare you from expensive and extensive issues. 


Commercial water damage can be devastating to your business and cause you to close your doors for a long time. However, knowing the common sources of water damage to watch out for and seeking professional help early on can help you bring back your business from the brink, no matter your water damage event. 

If you need help removing standing water, eliminating mold, or addressing potential contamination in your commercial property, Restoration 1 of Kansas City is here for you 24/7. Let us help you get your business running as usual again — contact us to get started!