Plumbing Leaks


With Kansas City dressed in fall leaves as early as mid-October, it’s high time to ready your home for cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and, eventually, the area’s snowy and windy winter. The weather may be perfect for taking in the crisp autumn colors and enjoying cool nights, but it pays to remember that the season increases the risks of a roof water leak, burst pipe, water heater breakdown, or clogged drainage.  


While experiencing these plumbing problems is never fun – especially toward the coldest part of the year – the good news is that they can be prevented for the most part. 


To help you stay comfortable inside your home throughout fall, here are some of the most common plumbing issues worth watching out for.


Clogged Gutters and Downspouts


One of the highlights of Kansas City’s autumn season is witnessing leaves in all shades of warm colors falling to the ground. The worst part is having piles of leaves and debris settling into your gutters. 


Your roof’s gutters and downspouts play a crucial role in diverting gallons of water away from your home’s exterior and foundation. As such, regularly removing dried leaves or other blockages is critical in keeping the drainage system working properly, especially to protect your house from roof damage and other issues.


Jammed Sump Pump


In the fall, sump pumps can also be congested with leaves, mud, and pebbles. Any unaddressed blockage can lead to pump breakdown and standing water in your basement. 

One way to know if your sump pump needs some cleaning is by carefully pouring water into the pit. If the sump pump does not automatically start up, it’s best to enlist sump pump maintenance and cleanup as soon as possible. The sump pump will have to be disconnected and flushed with water to remove any blockages and debris.


Frozen and Burst Pipes


Winters in Missouri can be extremely windy and snowy, so protecting your pipes from freezing before the onset of cold weather is essential in avoiding a plumbing leak or breakdown. 


To save yourself from the hassle of dealing with frozen and burst pipes, it pays to note the unique features of water. It expands as it freezes, putting excessive pressure on whatever is containing it. So whether you have plastic or metal pipes, expanding water can cause them to rupture and split open. 


Here are some practical ways to protect your pipes from freezing temperatures: 


  • Drain, remove, and store all hoses used outdoors. 
  • Insulate exposed water pipes with foam, fiberglass insulation, or pipe sleeves.
  • Add insulation to your basement, attic, and crawl spaces to help maintain a higher temperature in these areas. 
  • Run water through exposed pipes when the weather gets too cold to help keep them from freezing. 
  • If you will be away for a few days, it’s best to leave the heat on in your house to prevent frozen pipes.


Sewer Line Backups


The looming brutal winter of Kansas City often brings heavy rainfall and snow that can harm your sewer lines. This is because the excess water can leak into the pipes and eventually cause wastewater to come up your sink, toilet, or drain. 


It’s also worth noting that if you have trees near your home, it’s likely that their roots have already reached your drainage pipes. After the hot and humid summer, the first rainfall can cause these roots to stretch out in search of water and minerals, finding their way to your underground pipes. 


Some signs of sewer line backups to look for include: 


  • Foul odors 
  • Slow drains 
  • Gurgling and bubbling noises coming from drains 
  • Clogged toilets 
  • Patches of grass that look more green than usual


Roof Leaks


Water leak coming from the roof is another plumbing issue common in the fall, thanks to the season’s abundance of fallen leaves and the nearing winter’s harsh weather. Unfortunately, this problem can quickly cause further complications, such as damaged ceilings, stained walls, and property loss, if not addressed quickly. 


These tips can help you protect yourself from costly and stressful roof water leak repairs:   


  • Trim nearby trees to help minimize the accumulation of leaves and other debris on your roof. 
  • Check the structure for curling, cracked or missing shingles, damaged gutters, and wear around chimneys. 
  • Note your roof’s lifespan estimate and make the necessary repairs or replacements accordingly.


Enjoy the Beauty of the Autumn Season Without Stress


Fall is a perfect time to relax, spend quality time with your loved ones, and enjoy the final days of pleasant weather. Watching out for these plumbing issues and taking the necessary preventative measures can go a long way in keeping your home in order. It will also save you from the mess and stress of dealing with a plumbing leak. 

In case you’ve had the unfortunate experience of experiencing a burst pipe, sump pump breakdown, or even mold from a water leak, Restoration 1 of Kansas City is here for you. Our IICRC-certified technicians use advanced equipment to not only repair the water damage but also prevent secondary issues. We are always only one call away. Contact us anytime at 816-253-8634 to get expert help!