Fire DamageHouse fires can have devastating effects on any household. The National Fire Protection Association reported an average of over three hundred thousand house fires annually from 2016 to 2020 in the United States. This caused over $7.6 billion in property damage.

Houses in Kansas City, Missouri, are no exception to the hazards of house fires. If your household has just experienced a fire, you might feel emotional and overwhelmed about the following steps. We don’t recommend you charge into your property just yet, as the hazards can range from smoke damage to unstable property structures. Here’s a guide to help you take the next steps following a fire. 

Initial Steps:

Regardless of the size of the fire, here are safety steps to ensure that smooth recovery operations to cleanup after a fire in Kansas City can begin as soon as possible. 

  • Ensure Your Household’s Safety: Contact your local fire department to help extinguish the fire. Check if everyone in your household is safe or if they need medical attention.
  • Talk to Your Local Fire Department: After putting out the immediate fire hazard, the firefighters may briefly assess the state of your home. They can assist you if you need anything, such as contacting local utility providers to shut off your utilities until it’s safe.
  • Call Your Insurance Provider: Ideally, your home should be adequately covered by an insurance policy that protects you from fires. Your agent should guide you through the claims process. You may need to document the damage to your property once it’s safe to enter.
  • Contact a Restoration Company: Start the restoration process as soon as possible to prevent structural damage from worsening. Get in touch with technicians for fire restoration in Kansas City to help you as quickly as possible. They can also help you with documentation, salvaging, and additional steps to take during restoration. 
  • Find Temporary Housing: Unless it’s a minor fire and your restoration technician assures your property’s structural integrity isn’t compromised, you might need to find alternative accommodations until after the fire and smoke damage restoration is complete.
  • Secure the Property with Your Technician: If your home needs to be vacated until after restoration, your technician can help you secure your property. They can provide temporary fixes to structural issues to prevent damages from worsening while waiting for the signal to start with fire restoration. They can also help you secure your home to avoid theft while no one is on the property. 

Salvaging Your Possessions

The first step to fire restoration is salvaging your belongings. Your restoration team knows how to clean up after a fire in Kansas City homes and salvage what they can. With their expertise in fire cleanup services in Kansas City, MO, they can spot which items can still be used after some repairs or cleaning. Alternatively, some things are better replaced, especially if your insurance coverage can shoulder the replacement costs. 

Once your restoration team finishes their process for the cleanup after a fire in Kansas City, they can proceed with restoration and structural repairs. 

What Happens During Fire Restoration in Kansas City?

The process can vary depending on your property’s size, the damage’s extent, and how much the technicians can save or replace. Some of the steps of the restoration process will likely include:

  • Handling Damaged Concrete: They may remove or replace signs of weakened concrete. These are walls and foundations showing cracks and other signs of structural damage.
  • Structural Reinforcements: Restoration technicians will assess the load-bearing beams and other critical components that keep your property standing. Restoration may involve replacing damaged areas and reinforcing load-bearing structures to ensure your household’s safety.
  • Plumbing and Wiring: Technicians will look at your plumbing, drainage, and wiring systems to check if they are affected. This step also prevents any electrical hazards that can result in fires.
  • Aesthetic Repairs: This step focuses on restoring the aesthetic details of your property and ensuring it matches the rest of your home. 

Post-Restoration: What’s Next?

Once your restoration team has completed fire restoration, they can advise when you and your household can return to the property. 

Because of the restoration process, you may want to hire professional cleaning services to conduct fire cleanup services in Kansas City, MO. They can handle any remaining waste before moving back in. Your cleaners can remove any remaining particles and construction debris so your family can return to comfortable spaces. 

Restoration 1 Delivers Fire Restoration for Kansas City Homes

Fire and smoke damage can affect the safety and comfort of your home. When dealing with the aftermath of a house fire, it’s best to leave it to professional restoration companies like Restoration 1. 

Our fire restoration and fire cleanup services in Kansas City, MO, restore your home to its original condition. Trust our technicians to deliver reliable and honest work. Get in touch with us to send someone from our team to your location.