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At Restoration 1 of Fox Valley, we are here to help you mitigate water or mold events for you as quickly as possible! Your family deserves to stay safe and dry. Water events in the home can be overwhelming, so here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand our water and mold mitigation process.

  1. What is a reasonable response time for water or mold restoration?
    • It depends on proximity and backlog of jobs already in the pipeline. When there is a catastrophic event, such as flooding or tornado damage, response times could range from 3-4 hours to the next day. During normal conditions, our goal is to be able to respond to water events within 90 minutes.
  2. I have water in my finished basement and my insurance agent told me to wait until the adjuster can get out to look at the damage?
  • We hear this often, and it is bad advice every time. First, get a new agent! Secondly, water in your home is time sensitive, and your insurance company knows it. In fact, you are obligated to minimize and mitigate damage as soon as possible. Waiting will result in more damage, longer mitigation, and even longer reconstruction. At the first sign of water trouble in your home, call us immediately. You are the boss!
  1. If I have water damage, will I have mold growth in my home?
  • It depends. If you have water do not wait to contact us. Waiting only makes mold growth in your home more likely. Mold begins its viability within 48-72 hours. We can usually have your affected area out of the mold range within 24-48 hours. But you must contact us as soon as you notice something.  Remember the clock on mold starts when water intrudes, not when you notice the water! So, you may already be past the 48–72 hour window.  Do not wait! Call us immediately.
  1. Should I use my own fans and dehumidifiers after a room in my home flooded?

It may be dry to the touch, however that is not a dry standard. Depending on the material, it could be soaked beneath the surface. If water in your home is not dried completely or removed, it will only be a matter of time before mold activates. Mold growth is harmful to humans and pets and can cause debilitating symptoms. Mold is almost always not covered by insurance companies. For the health of your family, peace of mind and to limit your financial risk of incurring a large expense removing mold. Don’t DIY. Call us! (630) 343-1952