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Frozen Pipes


Ice Damming


With the colder temperatures and snowfall coming, there are some reasons ice damning situations manifest in the subsequent colder months. Ice damning is a phenomenon that occurs when snow on your roof is heated and refrozen by the cycle of the sun combined with heat loss from your home. That melt/freeze cycle produces an ice dam perpendicular to your gutters on the roof. That dam holds snow above it that melts with heat loss through your roof. As it builds, the water finds its way under your shingles and into your home. 


What to do if your home suffers from ice damming?


If your first reaction is to call a roofer, you would be right. However, roofers will only be able to make temporary repairs. Permanent repairs are not feasible until temperatures are consistently above 40 degrees. What you might not realize is that you need someone to mitigate the damage to the interior because the moisture will develop mold. Additionally, the insulation will be wet and ineffective and needs to be replaced on both your outer walls and attic above. Lastly, the ventilation in your attic needs to be fixed. Attics should have air flow which keeps the attic interior cooler than the outside temperatures. If your attic is superheating in winter, then you have a circulation problem in your attic and ice damming is going to be an issue. 


Restoration 1 of Fox Valley Can Help!


In summary, you need both a roofer for exterior and Restoration 1 of Fox Valley for interior. If you should encounter water stains on your ceiling near the outer walls, call Restoration 1 of Fox Valley to take care of the water issue. If you need a roofer, we would be happy to refer you to one of our roofing partners.

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