Restoration 1 of Fox Valley

Fox Valley January Blog Image - Restoration 1 - What We Do: Water, Fire, Smoke, And Mold Restoration

We are your advocate when you find a problem with your property, and we specialize in water, sewage, fire, smoke, and mold mitigation and remediation for residential, commercial, and municipal properties. We handle it all and our estimates are free! Please understand that we cannot give an accurate estimate over the phone without seeing the scope and size of the problem.

Please remember, water is time sensitive! It is the silent destroyer and will increase in damage over time. Sump pump failures that lead to flooded basements, burst pipes, broken water heaters, and broken supply lines on toilets and washers. Also, dishwasher flooding, refrigerator supply lines, or toilet or tub overflows are number one priority. Always treat unwanted water with urgency before mold sets in. Why? Water damage is covered by insurance, but mold is not and will be a financial hit to the property owner.

We understand that you may want to think about it. But please remember two things:

1. Water is time sensitive. The longer it goes unattended the bigger the damage and the more demo that might be needed. We have equipment that can save some demo, but only if we can get to your problem quickly.

2. Sewage backups need immediate attention. They contain health risks and need cleanup, steaming and sanitization.

3. You choose who you hire, not your insurance. Your insurance agent might tell you to wait for your adjuster to look at your problem, but that is not necessary. You are the boss, you pay the premium, and you choose who you want! Remember:

  • Expect more damage the longer you wait. 
  • Your agent or adjuster might encourage you to use their “preferred vendor,” but when you hear the term “preferred vendor” what that really means is another vendor has offered a discount to your insurance company for your business.
  • We work with all insurance companies. Most importantly we work for you!

4. Fire and smoke damage are also a top priority, but there is time while investigations by insurance and local fire departments are completed, and both release your property. We will never chase after you for your fire/smoke mitigation business, we believe that during your worst time you need compassion and resources. Reach out to us and we will work with you to get you back in your home.

5. Mold is also dangerous and if untreated can lead to health problems. It may also delay the sale of your property if not properly mitigated. While not an immediate emergency, please call us for an estimate and we will schedule your mitigation. One last critical point on mold… mold is rarely covered by insurance, so that means it is an out-of-pocket expense born by the property owner and this is why we are so adamant about treating water damage with urgency.

To sum it all up…if you should have anything unusual happen to your property, call Restoration 1 of Fox Valley at 630-345-8678. We will take care of it.