If you’re reading this, it is a good bet that you have water invading your home.  You should know that the process between you and your insurance company is much different than a more traditional claim. Most people don’t have enough water events to gain knowledge through the experience. That’s a good thing, because you and your family are dry and comfortable! For those of you that are less fortunate, we would like to offer some information to help with your expectations of the process.


Water Damage is Time Sensitive

Water is very destructive to your home. It is second to only fire in its time sensitivity. The longer it sits, the more damage is done. This increases the damage, cost, the scope of the rebuild and ultimately the time before you can return your house to its pre-event condition. When you have water in your home, don’t wait! Call Restoration 1 of Fox Valley immediately so that we can help you clean up your home as quickly as possible.


Water Damage and Insurance Companies

From your insurance company’s point of view, you have only two obligations as a policy holder.  The first is to pay your premium. Second, you are obligated to mitigate damage as quickly as possible. It is for this reason that the process for water damage differs from the traditional process.  There is no requirement to gather multiple estimates for your insurance company’s approval.  Your insurance company understands that the longer it takes to mitigate and remediate the mess the more it will cost them as more building materials become unsalvageable.


You are the boss!

As policy holder, you call the shots! You can and you should get started with Restoration 1 of Fox Valley immediately.  Whether it is water in the basement from a storm, a failed sump pump, a leak in mechanicals such as water heater, pipes, or condensation line, appliances such as dishwasher, clothes washer, or supply lines to toilets or overflows from toilets, tubs or showers.  We handle them all!


You can get the process started faster than your insurance company.  Remember you are the boss. It is your policy and thus you can use whomever you want to use for remediation.  If you choose Restoration 1 of Fox Valley you get an advocate who works for you.  We will assist you with your claim, mitigate the cause, and remediate the affected area by following the industry standards set forth by the IICRC. Our goal is to approach your problem smartly and as non-invasively as possible. It doesn’t always work out that way, and if we have to remove building material, we do so cleanly, taking great care to protect areas that are not affected by the damage.


So when you have water, please remember:

  • Water damage is time sensitive.
  • Call us first and get us started on mitigation right away.
  • Review your home insurance policy and we can help you start your claim.
  • The sooner Restoration 1 of Fox Valley can get to you,  the closer you are to getting your home back.