Water Pipes

Water is an essential part of daily life. But in the same breath, it can also be one of the biggest threats to you and your property. Water damage ranks as one of the most common ordeals homeowners face throughout their lifetime.

Annually, homeowners pay an average of $2,582 for water damage repair and restoration, which also makes it one of the most expensive payments residential and commercial property owners have to shoulder.

One way of sidestepping the common issues associated with water damage is by identifying the root cause early on. Below, we share seven of the most common causes of water damage in your home. By identifying the sources of the issue, you can take the necessary precautions and take swift action before it worsens.


Adverse Weather Conditions

Natural disasters are perhaps the most easily-identifiable cause of water damage in Chicago North Shore. Drastic weather conditions like hurricanes and snowstorms bring excessive amounts of water, which saturates the soil and causes flooding. In effect, excess water enters your home and settles in various areas around your home, leaving considerable water damage in its wake.

Swift action is imperative when dealing with a flooded home. Some examples of what you can do to minimize damage on your property include transferring small items to higher ground and elevating appliances. 

However, ultimately, your best course of action should be to get in touch with a reliable water damage restoration company to assist you with water damage mitigation and begin the process of restoration in Chicago North Shore. 


Damaged Pipes

Plumbing problems are typically more common inside older homes. These issues can occur as a result of the following signs of deterioration:

  • Corrosion
  • Incorrect pipe laying
  • Damaged pipe joints
  • Clogged lines
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Tree root intrusion

Any of these problems can cause water to leak out and damage your property. It’s best to call a professional to inspect your pipes immediately if you see visible signs of water damage in Chicago North Shore, such as bulges, stains, or warping on your ceiling, floors, or walls. 


Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are one of your first lines of defense against water damage in Chicago North Shore. They provide a channel in which roof runoff is redirected away from your home. 

But without regular cleaning and maintenance, small debris like twigs and leaves can clog your gutters, causing water to pool and overflow to the underside of the house. Water collects near your home’s foundation and gradually weakens it. In some cases, water may also enter your home through cracks in the basement, causing mold to proliferate. 


Overflowing Toilets

Toilets can easily clog when excess solid materials are flushed. Solid materials such as excess waste, toilet paper, or non-flushable items can get lodged in the toilet drain or block the toilet trap, causing water to overflow and flood the bathroom floor.

Aside from causing an unwanted messy situation, clogged and overflowing toilets can also cause water damage and various health issues if left unaddressed. 


Leaks in Low Traffic Areas

In most cases of water damage in Chicago North Shore, plumbers tend to identify issues in the most overlooked places, such as under the sink or in the attic. These cases of water damage often go unnoticed because water seepage occurs at a gradual pace through small gaps, leaving hardly any audible and visible clues until it’s too late. 

However, when left unchecked, even the smallest leaks can cause water to pool over time. To prevent such cases, take the time to regularly inspect your attic, basement, and other out-of-way places in your home. Check for signs of problems, such as dripping sounds, microbial growth, warping, or excessive coolness. Catching these problems early can make all the difference between a cheap fix and comprehensive water damage restoration in Chicago North Shore. 


Faulty Appliances

Appliances start to act up as they approach the end of their useful life. In most cases, various parts of appliances start to rust and weaken, such as their pipes and hoses. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers are common appliances that don’t function properly as their parts start to deteriorate. When this happens, water can leak out and cause water to pool behind or underneath the appliance, gradually wearing out your walls and floors.

If your appliances aren’t working properly and you start seeing some signs of water damage, it may be time to get them repaired or replaced. Inspect them for signs of corrosion or leakage. However, be sure not to move them around too frequently to avoid spillage. 


Condensation from HVAC Units

HVAC units are lifesavers as they can help you get through the harshest winters and searing hot summers. While they always provide comfort, they can also be a leading cause of water damage in your home. However, despite constant usage, they won’t actually cause any problems unless they are improperly installed or are not well taken care of. 

Problems with HVAC systems typically begin when drains are clogged. When this happens, condensation as a result of the heat removal process accumulates in the ducts, trickles down the walls, and pools on the floor, dealing significant water damage.

Regular HVAC maintenance, such as frequent inspections, cleanup, and changing filters, can eliminate dust buildup and prevent all sorts of problems with your HVAC system. 


Enlist Experts in Water Damage Restoration in Chicago North Shore

There’s usually  no singular cause for water damage in residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s a natural disaster or an unfortunate incident at home, taking proper precautions can help prevent water damage occurrences, so you won’t have to stress about water damage for a long time.

With this, there are some incidents that you can never really prepare for. Fortunately, you can rely on the professionals at Restoration 1 of Chicago North Shore to act swiftly to minimize property loss and restore your property to its pre-loss condition. When disaster strikes and you’re dealing with water damage on your property,  call Restoration 1 of Chicago North Shore.