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Restoration Chicago North Shore

A well-functioning community needs an experienced and trustworthy property restoration company. Plumbing emergencies and calamities that damage homes and buildings can happen at any moment, so it helps to have professionals in the area who can attend to your needs as quickly as possible.

Restoration 1 has a reputation for providing quality restoration services for residential and commercial properties all over the country. We are pleased to bring our expertise in property restoration to Chicago North Shore to meet the needs of the community’s discerning residents and business owners.

Our crew comprises construction professionals with years of experience in flood and fire damage restoration. We also have experts in mold remediation ready to address mold infestations of any scale in homes and business establishments. So whether you seek property restoration or new construction, we have the tools and skills for the job.


Emergency Response for Flooding in Chicago North Shore

When a catastrophic flood damages your home or business, whether it’s due to natural causes or an unprecedented disaster resulting from a significant plumbing problem, an emergency response service can help mitigate your losses. 

Professional emergency response teams act quickly to save belongings and assets untouched by the calamity and secure them in a safe place. They then focus on the affected structures and strategize to mitigate cosmetic and structural damage. 

So in case of flooding in Chicago North Shore, we assist the affected individuals and get them out of harm’s way, then immediately get to work to prevent further damage to their property. The ultimate goal would be to restore the property to its pre-damage condition as quickly as possible.

Our IIRC-certified team is equipped and trained to remove standing water from inside a flooded building, find the source of the flood, and stop it. 


Water Damage in Chicago North Shore

Immediately after cleaning up the aftermath of a flood, our team checks for water damage and strategizes the best course of action. This entire process covers the following:

  • Mitigation 

The first thing we do when responding to a call about water damage is to find the source of the flood and stop it if possible. This often means cutting off the water supply from the mains or setting up barriers to prevent more floodwater from streaming in. 

  • Inspection 

We then continue to assess the current damage and look for signs of possible long-term damage using tools like hygrometers and moisture detectors to pinpoint problem points such as soaked insulation or other porous materials.

  • Cleanup 

A water-damaged property will often have many damaged components that must be disposed of. We will likely need to remove soaked drywall, insulation, and carpeting to reduce the risk of structural damage and mold infestation. After the cleanup is complete, the team will then be able to continue with the restoration process.

  • Restoration

Professionals specializing in water damage restoration in Chicago North Shore systematically repair or replace the permanently damaged parts of a property to restore its original appearance and condition. Restoration can be partial or complete reconstruction, depending on the severity of the damage and how much of the original structure the owner wants to preserve. 


Mold Remediation in Chicago North Shore

Restoration 1 offers mold remediation immediately on the heels of water damage restoration. Mold is a credible threat in every property that’s been flooded. It takes a long period for porous materials like wood and drywall to dry completely after a long soaking. Also, since microbial growth can start as early as 72 hours after mold spores have been exposed to water, mold removal experts need to be on site after this window to do a complete inspection.

If mold does begin to grow on your property, it’s best for professionals to deal with it. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that removing mold can worsen the problem if it’s not done right. Mold releases spores when disturbed, and these microscopic particles can disperse through the air and spread throughout the property. The cycle will repeat if they land on a wet or moist surface. Therefore, it is best to entrust mold remediation in Chicago North Shore to our mold removal experts at Restoration 1. 


Fire Damage Restoration in Chicago North Shore

Lastly, Restoration 1 offers restoration services for properties damaged by fire. The team works round the clock to restore the appearance of a fire-damaged property. Most importantly, they ensure that the house or building is structurally sound and safe to enter before allowing anyone back inside the property. The crew also helps save equipment and belongings that are still salvageable. 

Restoration 1 is an all-rounder for property restoration and related services. Explore our website to learn more about our services, or talk to our experts in property restoration in Chicago North Shore. Call us at 847-830-6080 or fill out our contact form