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Restoration 1 is the leader in mold removal, remediation, and water damage restoration in Cedar Park, TX. As the go-to restoration experts for Cedar Park residents, trust the Restoration 1 team to act with swiftness and compassion to address your most pressing concerns and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Cedar Park is one of Austin’s most well-known suburbs. Located just southeast of the state’s capital, Cedar Park has so much to offer, from the Texas-classic barbecue to a plethora of historical sights and attractions.

Cedar Park offers its residents all the best things in life. They have access to thriving businesses, the best entertainment venues, and the means to enjoy a high quality of life.

Despite the abundance of amenities that make living in Cedar Park as comfortable as ever, the threat of water and fire damage still looms, no matter how much you prepare. Fortunately, you can still rest well knowing you can turn to the experts in fire and water damage restoration when that time comes.

When you experience an unexpected disaster on your property, you can rely on Restoration 1 of Cedar Park to assist you in mitigating the damage to your property and restoring your property’s pristine condition. Whether you require fire and water damage restoration or mold removal in Cedar Park, TX, trust our professional team to get your life back on track and restore balance in your surroundings. 

No matter the size of your project, Restoration 1 of Cedar Park is ready to take it on. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation with us!

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Cedar Park Remediation and Restoration Services

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

Water is an integral part of everyday life, but it can also cause damage if it flows into your home. Whether water seepage is caused by a broken pipe, a leak in the ceiling, or floodwater intrusion, the damage can be extensive the further action is delayed. When left unaddressed, it can lead to warping, the development of unpleasant odors, the weakening of your property’s foundation, and microbial growth.

When faced with the prospect of water damage, call the experts in water damage restoration right away. The local cleaning professionals at Restoration 1 get to work quickly to remove standing water to begin the drying process immediately and prevent further damage to your property. We act swiftly to preserve your property’s integrity and minimize any costs for repair and restoration.

When faced with an earlier issue with water intrusion, you can almost always expect microbial growth to soon follow. It can take at least 48 hours for mold to grow on a moist surface. But when left unaddressed, a small patch of mold can quickly develop into a significant problem, affecting your home and impacting your and your family’s health. 

Before mold becomes a significant issue in your property, contact the experts in mold remediation in Cedar Park. Equipped with advanced tools and the best safety equipment, Restoration 1’s services for mold removal in Cedar Park involve an exhaustive search to get to the heart of the issue. We treat mold colonies, remove infected materials, and trap mold spores to ensure their complete removal and give you peace of mind.

Dealing with fire damage is an overwhelming experience no property owner should ever have to face in their lifetime. Often, the damage to your property extends beyond the fire itself as it also deals secondary damage in terms of smoke and soot. Further, water damage can also become an issue due to the massive amounts of water used to suppress the fire.

Restoration 1 recognizes the stress and emotion you may be experiencing after seeing fire consume your property. As your primary service provider, we act swiftly to return your property to its pre-loss condition in the least amount of time possible. Entrust the restoration of your property to us so you can focus on the needs and wellbeing of your family.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

Why Choose Restoration 1 as Your Cedar Park Remediation Company

We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction

Emergency Restoration Services

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service

Emergencies and disasters can occur at any time. During these unfortunate occasions, you can be at ease knowing that a team of experts in fire and water damage restoration in Cedar Park remains ready to offer our assistance at any given time. Because time is of the essence when it comes to any disaster, we work with a sense of urgency to help you deal with the problem at hand and restore normalcy in your surroundings as soon as possible. 

We Work With All Insurances

We Are Licensed and Insured

As your go-to service provider, Restoration 1 acts swiftly to lighten your burden. In this stressful time, we aim to alleviate as much stress as possible by ensuring you remain protected as we work to restore balance in your life. We work with capable people, ensuring that our restoration specialists are insured and licensed to protect your family from any unfortunate incident that might occur while offering the best services we can provide.

Certified Restoration Experts

We Have Trained, Certified Technicians

We recognize that subjecting  your property to Restoration 1’s services requires a certain level of trust. We reciprocate that trust by ensuring that our restoration specialists are ideal for the job. Our professional cleaning team is made up of trained and accredited professionals equipped with the best tools and skills to deliver superior restoration services in Cedar Park.


We Make Sure You’re Completely Satisfied

At Restoration 1, our ultimate goal is to help you return to your regular routine as seamlessly as possible. We offer a done-for-you service that restores your property’s pristine condition while you focus on protecting the ones you love. We pay attention to your needs to ensure we deliver a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

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Check Out Our Keep It Clean Program

Restoration 1 is committed to providing a holistic service to our clients. As part of this commitment, we also offer the Keep It Clean Program, a comprehensive, completely customizable cleaning and disinfection service to help maintain your property. Call us today to learn more about this special service.


We Provide Other Services As Well

Our expertise lies in maintaining the integrity of your property through our professional water damage restoration in Cedar Park services. With the goal of offering a holistic service, we also provide other services, including emergency board-up, odor removal, COVID-19 response, and carpet cleaning, among others. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.

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