Your typical home has a sump pump, which is a fail-safe in the event of flooding or significant water damage. For homes in Southern Connecticut, it defends your basement and crawlspace from flooding. The system is designed to combat any excess water from entering your home from below, which is, let’s be honest, most likely to flood first.

Due to heavy usage, your sump pump may fail over time. The resulting backup can be quite severe. Your sump pump requires regular maintenance and upkeep to operate in peak performance. So do not hesitate to schedule routine sump pump maintenance and cleanup. Just a single appointment each year can save you from a serious water disaster. You can always contact Restoration 1 of Southern Connecticut for questions and help with your sump pump.

These are just some of the typical reasons why a sump pump may fail.

  • An Overworked Pump
  • Pump Works, but no water
  • A Clogged Pump
  • Clogged Discharge lines
  • No Power
  • Pump runs non-stop

There are differences in the clean-up for a sump pump when talking about commercial versus residential properties. Residential sump pump cleanup involves removing all debris from the system and discharge line in one convenient appointment. Commercial sump pumps are often larger and more complex. As such, our technicians at Restoration 1 of Southern Connecticut train extensively to provide thorough sump pump cleanup and maintenance for a commercial sump pump. We’ll ensure your system is running smoothly year-round.


Trusted Experts in Sump Pump Maintenance

A professional restoration company should be contacted for annual sump pump servicing, as you really can’t ignore the care of your sump pump. At Restoration 1 of Southern Connectiuct, our technicians are professionally trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC).

The sump pump cleanup process utilizes firsthand experience and advanced equipment to remove dirt and debris. We then test the system to ensure everything is in working order before we call it a day. Give us a call immediately, and we’ll have your sump pump checked, and take care of any cleanup issues swiftly, and we’ll have your sump pump back to normal in no time!