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Fires can wreak havoc on a commercial property, causing extensive damage that demands immediate attention. However, after the fire has been put out and restoration on the property starts, one burning question lingers in the minds of business owners and managers: how long will it take to restore the premises to its pre-fire condition and resume operations? 

Commercial fire damage restoration is a complex undertaking involving factors affecting the restoration time frame. The short answer is that it depends, but it’s important to note the factors that affect restoration to get a reasonable estimate. By understanding the intricacies of commercial fire damage restoration, business owners can gain clarity on the timeline, which can help them plan for their operation’s reopening. 

What Happens During Fire Damage Restoration in Connecticut?

Depending on the type of commercial property you own, the severity of the damage, and many other factors, there can be different processes needed to restore your property. However, restoration technicians tend to handle the following tasks:

  • Property Assessment: Assessing the visible and potential damage the fire has caused before determining the steps needed to restore the property.
  • Fire Restoration: The construction and repairs necessary to restore the property’s structure, stability, and aesthetic appearance.
  • Water Extraction: If the fire triggered the building’s sprinkler systems or water was used to extinguish the fire, restoration technicians will also assess if there are signs of water damage, such as mold, water stains, and more.
  • Smoke Damage Restoration: Specialized techniques are used to eliminate the residual contaminants from the smoke and ash. This removes the odors and microscopic debris that could cause respiratory irritation or allergies.
  • Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Restoration: Taking your business’ belongings and salvaging items that can still be used after cleaning and repairing. During the commercial fire damage restoration process, these items can be taken off the property, repaired, and then returned after restoration is complete.
  • Professional Cleaning: Cleaning any leftover debris from the fire and restoration process. This ensures your spaces are clean by the time your belongings are returned. 

How Long Does Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Take? 

The duration of commercial fire damage restoration on your business can range from several days to weeks, depending on several factors that technicians must address. These include:

  • Insurance Claims: Calling your insurance provider as soon as possible can start the claims proceedings as quickly as possible. Filing your claim along with anything to strengthen it, such as photos of the damage and invoices from a restoration company for securing your property, can help with the final amount you receive.
  • Permits: More moderate to severe fires may require heavy construction work, which may require permits from local government offices. This could take several working days before technicians and other contractors can work on your business.
  • Availability of Materials: Your spaces may need a specific building material that your restoration team will need to find or order.
  • Assessing the Damage: Depending on your property type, your restoration team may need to handle the visible damage and the potential damage the fire caused.
  • Repairing and Rebuilding: This involves removing debris, cleaning, and making the area safe for technicians. Construction and repairs can then take time, especially for more complex properties.
  • Content Damage: The restoration process for your belongings may affect your timeline. This can include the time it takes to salvage your business’ items, transporting them, repairing them, and returning them to your property.
  • Additional Services: Adding features that deter fire and water damage can prolong the restoration process. 

Minimizing the Financial Impact of a Fire on Your Business

Business managers and owners will no doubt want to minimize the time it takes to restore their commercial establishment. Your insurance company may cover the lost revenue during the downtime to help pay for your employee’s wages and other fixed expenses. Additionally, you can minimize the financial impact through these alternatives while the restoration process is ongoing:

  • Have a Disaster Recovery Plan: Having a plan in case of disasters like fires that disrupt operations can minimize business risks. It helps you manage business data, customer relationships, and temporary working arrangements. This also gives you a budget and cash flow plan to support yourself and your employees during this time.
  • Create Temporary Work Plans: If your business operations can be done remotely or temporarily at a different site, you could work with your team and technicians to set up a temporary working arrangement. If equipment and supplies in your property are in good condition, these can be transferred to your temporary location to continue working. 

Contact Restoration 1 for Fire Damage Restoration in Connecticut

The duration of commercial fire damage restoration depends on various factors that affect the process. While some minor fire damage may be addressed in a matter of days, larger-scale incidents can take weeks or even months to restore fully. With the involvement of professionals specializing in fire damage restoration, you can trust that your restoration technicians are working as fast as possible to provide quality restoration solutions. 

Restoration 1 of Southern Connecticut understands that every day of downtime means a loss of revenue for your business. Trust our certified technicians to deliver efficient services that work to get your property safely and sound without wasting a second. Contact our 24/7 line at (203) 263-9965 for immediate assistance.