What To Expect From Commercial Mold Remediation In San Antonio North
The presence of mold in your commercial establishment can be stressful for commercial property owners.

Not only does microbial growth put your customers, employees, and visitors at risk of health problems, but it also leaves unsightly marks that decrease the value of your property.

When dealing with mold, it is of utmost importance that you act swiftly to prevent it from spiraling out of control. A minor mold issue can quickly turn into an outbreak if left untreated.

If you are currently faced with a mold problem on your commercial property, seek the help of a commercial mold remediation company immediately. Here are some things that you can expect from your commercial mold remediation service provider:

Mold Does Not Need To Be Tested

Some mold remediation companies offer mold pre-testing as part of their remediation process. However, this is not a standard practice. In most cases, mold does not need to be tested, especially when it is visibly growing on the surface of any material.

Visible microbial growth is a sign that mold has been allowed to grow for more than 48 hours. Meanwhile, the process of mold removal remains standard for all mold types, meaning pre-testing is unnecessary.

Commercial Mold Remediation Has Three Distinct Phases

Generally speaking, the process of mold remediation in San Antonio North can be split into three distinct phases, namely: inspection, site preparation, and removal. Each of these phases is explained in more detail below:

Thorough Site Inspection and Risk Assessment

Before taking action, professionals from a commercial mold remediation company will take the time to inspect your property. Their goal during the inspection will be to assess the extent of the damage, test the air quality to detect the presence of spores, and look for the moisture source.

Upon completion of the inspection, these professionals will then communicate with you and give you a copy of the report. This report contains specific information on the mold remediation process, such as the degree of contamination and a direct quote for the entire cost of remediation.

Site Preparation and Isolation

Once given your go-ahead, the professional mold remediation team will proceed with the preparation of the work site, which begins with correcting the moisture source to mitigate the damage.

Then, in order to prevent the accidental spread of mold in your commercial space, the work area is sealed off using plastic sheeting to isolate the area and trap spores when they disperse.

Mold Removal and Treatment

The type of treatment applied will depend on the properties of the surface contaminated with mold. For instance, mold on non-porous materials like ceramic tiles can be wiped off and treated with antimicrobial chemicals to eliminate spores.

For porous materials like wood and drywall, repair is not an option and will have to be removed entirely. Discarded moldy materials are placed inside a sealed plastic container for safe disposal. Airborne mold spores are removed from the air using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) scrubbers and air exchange.

After the removal of contaminated materials, adjacent surfaces are treated with antimicrobial agents to remove all traces of mold and mold stains. Sealers or encapsulants are then applied to treat these surfaces and make them more resistant to mold and water damage.

Commercial Mold Remediation Presents Various Risks

The process of mold remediation in San Antonio North is inherently risky. Handling mold without the proper safety precautions can lead to various mold-borne illnesses, such as allergic reactions, irritation, and respiratory problems. Further, there is also a risk of improper, incomplete, or insufficient treatment, leading to a repeat outbreak sometime in the near future.

For this reason, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you seek professional help from a commercial mold remediation company when dealing with a massive mold outbreak.

Mold Remediation Professionals Will Communicate With You Every Step of the Way

Dealing with mold in your commercial property can be stressful, as it places a significant health risk on your employees and customers.

But, mold remediation experts will act swiftly and compassionately to create as little disruption to your business operations as possible.

In addition, these experts will communicate with you every step of the way to fill you in on what needs to be done and ensure your property is handled with the utmost care.

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