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Foul Odors? When It’s Time To Hire An Odor Removal Service

Foul odors in a house are common indicators of decomposition or damage in some parts of your home. If the smell of something rotten isn’t unpleasant enough, not knowing where it’s coming from is even worse. If you don’t see where the smell is coming from, the best way to find out is to hire an odor removal service. 

Let’s review the possible causes of foul stenches in households and why you should consider an odor removal service to eliminate them.

Common Causes of Foul Odors

1. Pets: If you have an indoor cat or dog that’s not yet fully potty trained, your furry baby could be the culprit for the foul stench you smell at random hours of the day. Even potty-trained pets can have accidents inside the house now and then. 

The problem is that animal feces and urine leave a very sharp, hard-hitting stench that’s difficult to remove using household cleaning products. Worse, their waste can cause some cosmetic damage to your floors. Pet dander, saliva, and unwashed fur also develop a distinctly unpleasant animal odor that clings to your skin and clothing. 

2. Pests: Unwelcome animals also cause foul stenches in households. Roaches have a unique, unpleasant scent from the chemical composition of their feces and urine. Rats also have a musty smell, but dead ones are worse. Dead rodents that somehow end up in crawl spaces emit an intensely foul stench, which is an advantage as much as a disadvantage because it makes it easier to trace the location of the remains. 

A termite infestation is another culprit. It makes the house smell like damp wood as termites eat through the material. Eventually, however, the smell will become the least of your worries as their presence will soon compromise your house’s structural integrity.

3.Mold and Mildew: These fungi thrive in damp environments and poorly ventilated areas with high humidity. Basements and bathrooms are the most conducive locations for mold and mildew, although infrequently cleaned kitchens also fit the bill. Mold emits a musty, earthy odor that makes the environment smell unpleasant. It also gives the impression of a dirty, unkempt building. 

4. Backed-up Sewers: Sewers have a distinct smell that will invade your home if your sewer lines are backed up and the dirty water backflows through the toilet. The stench will also linger in your yard if the sewer pipes outside your house cracks and leaks black water. 

5.Smoke and Fire Damage: It’s fortunate for a house to remain standing and still be structurally sound after a fire. However, residents would have to deal with the sharp scent of smoke and soot, which is acrid and pungent. Worse, soot particles penetrate porous surfaces like wood, upholstered furniture, and insulating materials. So, if you smell smoke inside a property, chances are high that you also have smoke and fire damage on your hands. 

Identifying the cause or source of a stench is the simple part. An even bigger task follows: ridding your home of these foul odors.

When to Hire Professional Odor Removal Services

Any time a foul smell presents itself in your home – it is an excellent time to pay for a professional odor removal service. It is cost-effective and convenient because professionals use reliable equipment, quality products, and effective odor-removal techniques to solve the problem quickly. 

Professional odor removal services are beneficial for the following situations:

  • You’re Hosting an Event Soon: It can be a little embarrassing when you invite guests to your home, and the first thing they notice about your house is its unpleasant stench. Hiring an odor removal company to ensure your home smells fresh before your party is always a good idea.
  • When Selling Your Home: Bad smells discourage most buyers from making an offer because it is a red flag for property damage or mold. You must present your house in the best possible light, so it’s best to hire an odor-removal specialist before opening your property for a showing.
  • You Tried Finding the Source of the Stench and Failed: If you can’t figure out where the foul smell in your house comes from, consider it a sign that you need professional intervention. The problem could be behind your drywall, where you’ll need a property restoration company’s services. Professionals will have the proper equipment and skills to remove the odor without damaging your property.
  • When Moving into a New Home: You deserve a fresh start in your new home. If something smells odd in your new apartment or house, have a professional look into it right away. If it turns out to be a big issue, you’re better off solving it as early as possible.
  • After a Calamity: If your house survived a flood or fire, odor issues will be inevitable. Solve the problem early before the foul smells intensify and become harder to remove. 

Keeping Homes Smelling Clean with Restoration 1 

Odor removal companies are best equipped to eliminate foul smells in your home. But why limit yourself to a company that can do only that when you can hire one that will also address the cause? 

Restoration 1 of North Atlanta, a trusted name in property restoration work, can give you odor removal and property repairs in one go. Since odors can be the cause or result of some form of damage to a house, hiring a restoration company that offers odor removal would be highly advantageous. 

Contact Restoration 1 today to solve stubborn odor problems in your home.