Why You Need to Clean Your Gutters Every Fall

The fall season means cooler weather, autumn leaves falling, and the excitement of the upcoming winter holiday season. Before you can get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the fall season in the USA, you’ll need to make sure your home is prepped for the upcoming cold months ahead. One of those checks involves keeping your gutter clean. 

Your gutter system redirects rainwater away from your property and reduces the risk of water damage. Unfortunately, this damage can be exacerbated by Minnesota’s upcoming cold and snow storms in the forthcoming months. Learn the importance of cleaning your gutters every fall, so you can take steps to prepare your home for the upcoming months. 


Reduce the Risk of Substantial Roof and Fascia Damage

Clogged gutters can’t efficiently drain the water off your roof. This means that the rainwater and other debris on your roof often have nowhere to go. All these combined can cause your roof and fascia (the part of the roof and outdoor wall where the gutter is attached) to bear loads that it can’t handle, leading to roof damage. This can lead to issues, such as water damage to your interior and the parts of your home’s frame keeping your property stable. 

When left unchecked, these issues can cause significant property damage. In addition, you could end up paying more for property repairs, which are usually costlier than paying a professional to clean your gutters. 

Prevent Winter Damage

One of the reasons why it’s essential to clean your gutters every fall is to prepare for the upcoming winter months ahead. During Minnesota’s famous winter seasons, the water and mud trapped in your gutters can freeze and expand. Aside from the water damaging your gutter system and causing leaks, the weight can also damage the entire system and cause damage to the roof and fascia. 


Prevent Mold and Rot

Keeping your gutter clean can prevent water damage as it prevents water from pooling toward your property. A clogged gutter can result in poor drainage at the roof, which can lead to rainwater seeping into any holes and cracks in your roof. This can then cause water to pool in places like your home’s frame and inside your walls. 

In moist and humid conditions, your home can become a breeding ground for mold. Although toxic mold is rare, it can trigger respiratory problems like asthma and allergies. It can also spread to the rest of your home, furniture, and other belongings. Mold is also challenging to remove from your home.

If your property’s structure has organic materials like wood, it can be prone to rot due to water damage. This can compromise the structure of your home and cause cracks and unstable features around your property. 


Avoid Pest Infestations

Clogged gutters and drain pipes are good places for rodents and insects to build their nest. Especially in the upcoming winter months, when it’s impractical and inconvenient to have your gutter clean, this means leaving pests’ breeding grounds virtually undisturbed. This could give them enough time to breed to larger numbers and cause an infestation that spreads indoors, which can affect your health and cause indoor property damage. 

By unclogging your drains ahead of time, you’re preventing pests from making a home out of the debris that is commonly stuck on gutters. This can reduce the risk of infestations over the fall and winter months. 

Trust the Experts of Restoration 1 of Minnetonka to Restore Property Damage Caused by Water Damage

Now that you know the importance of cleaning your gutters every fall season in USA, you can take steps to ensure your gutter systems are clear of any debris that could cause clogs or damage to your home. When done regularly, you can avoid the damaging effects of a cluttered gutter. 

However, your gutters aren’t the only potential source of water damage on your property. In case your home has experienced significant water damage that compromises its structural integrity and the safety of your household, it’s best to call in the certified technicians of Restoration 1 of Minnetonka for help. 


Is your property experiencing the effects of water damage? We’re ready to help you any time of the day. Call Restoration 1 of Minnetonka!