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Restoration 1 is a highly rated company specializing in a full range of restoration services for residential and commercial properties. Through the years, we’ve carried out expert fire and water damage remediation in Frankfort to enable families and businesses alike to get their properties back to the way they remember them.

Frankfort is a quaint village in Will County, Illinois. With that said, it’s more than just a quiet suburb; it’s also a place where people get to enjoy the benefits of living in a bustling city while enjoying a small-town atmosphere at the same time. Moreover, Frankfort has remarkable amenities such as great schools, local stores, restaurants, parks, and forest preserve trails.

Another loveable aspect Frankfort offers is various events that bring the community together throughout the year. Some of their community-wide events include Bluegrass Festival, Fall Fest, and The Farmer’s Market.

But while Frankfort is one of the best places to live in Will County, its residents and businesses still deal with the possibility of disasters or emergencies, just like in other cities. As such, having a team you can turn to when floods, fires, or other catastrophes arise is crucial. Ultimately, you need professionals who can help you restore your property and get your life back to normal.

Your local Restoration 1 company is the team you can always call when dealing with property damages. We have a network of highly trained and skilled professionals who can handle all your restoration needs and offer effective services for fire, water damage, or mold remediation in Frankfort.

If you’re dealing with a disaster and don’t know what to do next, our restoration company is here for you. During the most difficult times, you can trust us to conduct swift and efficient fire damage repair or water damage remediation in Frankfort to help you get back on your feet.

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Frankfort Remediation and Restoration Services

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

Water and moisture can give rise to an array of problems, especially if you don’t address them immediately. It can cause wood to warp or rot, steel to rust, leather to shrink, and more — extensive and costly damages that you can ultimately avoid with prompt water damage remediation in Frankfort. And as if this isn’t enough to worry about, water damage can also become a health hazard.

With all of this said, you can count on our team to deliver water damage remediation in Frankfort swiftly and efficiently. As professionals certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we follow industry standards for water cleanup and remediation. But most importantly, we explain the whole restoration and cleanup plan so you will have no uncertainties to be concerned about.

Those unsightly black stains or specks of green or brown on your walls and ceilings can be extremely difficult and even costly to remove. However, that’s not the end of their reach; mold can also negatively impact indoor air quality and make your family sick. This is why it’s imperative to seek expert help for mold remediation in Frankfort.

To effectively address mold, it helps to remember that microbial growth goes hand in hand with moisture. At Restoration 1, our experts in mold remediation in Frankfort follow proven containment methods to get rid of mold. And if you’ve recently dealt with water damage, they also conduct thorough inspections to prevent mold before it appears.

Our specialists in fire damage repair in Frankfort know that fire and smoke can quickly obliterate your possessions and destroy your home or business. Aside from these physical effects, coming to terms with the aftermath of a fire accident can be emotionally taxing. This is precisely why our team goes the extra mile to provide you with prompt, professional, and considerate services for fire remediation and smoke damage repair in Frankfort.

Moreover, we understand that accidents can happen anytime, so we’re here to deliver fire damage repair in Frankfort around the clock. We get to work right away, removing damaged components from your home and cleaning your salvageable belongings after the fire. You can count on us to carry out thorough smoke damage repair in Frankfort to restore your property, making it a safe and liveable space once again.

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Why Choose Restoration 1 as Your Frankfort Remediation Company

We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction

Emergency Restoration Services

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service

We know that prompt response minimizes damages after a disaster or emergency. As such, our specialists at Restoration 1 are on standby around the clock and throughout the year. No matter what time of the day it is, we’ll deliver water damage remediation or fire damage repair in Frankfort when you need it the most.

We Work With All Insurances

We Are Licensed and Insured

Dealing with the aftermath of a flood or fire accident is already stressful enough on its own, so we don’t want to add to your concerns. We have guidelines for water or smoke damage repair in Frankfort to restore your home safely. On top of that, all our restoration experts are highly trained, duly licensed, and insured.

Certified Restoration Experts

We Have Trained, Certified Technicians

We take property restoration seriously, so we see to it that all our technicians are well-versed in our various restoration techniques. We also train our team to be attentive and considerate when working with our customers. So with us as your go-to restoration company, you can look forward to friendly and hassle-free service.

Certified Restoration Experts

We Make Sure You’re Completely Satisfied

We have been in the business of restoring residential and commercial properties for more than a decade. From the start, our ultimate goal has been to get the job done right the first time. And with our extensive experience and commitment to quality work, you can count on your local Restoration 1 company for unmatched services.

We Work With All Insurances

Check Out Our Keep It Clean Program

Our Keep It Clean Program provides you with a complete and hygienic cleaning experience using EPA-registered disinfectants. And whether you’re running a hospital, manufacturing facility, food market, restaurant, office, or other kinds of high-traffic business, we can develop a custom program for your unique needs.

Emergency Restoration Services

We Provide Other Services As Well

While we’re the trusted experts for fire damage repair and water damage remediation in Frankfort, we can offer so much more to our customers. We’ve expanded our service offerings over the years to address any situation. So whether you need emergency cleanup, odor removal, or other services, we’ll be there to assist you.

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