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Residential and commercial rental properties can be valuable income-earning assets for investors. Depending on the real estate market conditions, your property can see huge potential for revenue and growth. Whether you want to handle rental properties or flipping homes, plenty of potential opportunities exist in the market. 

However, this means putting properties on the market that are in good condition. Cape Cod sees plenty of turbulent weather conditions throughout the year, so any property in the area is at risk of water damage. There are also unexpected events like fires, broken plumbing, and mold growth.

To ensure your property investments stay intact, your best solution is to work with a restoration company when these incidents arise. Here are some reasons why professional restoration services such as fire and water remediation in Cape Cod are essential.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Restoration Company

Compared to DIY solutions and opting for other solutions from unlicensed and uninsured contractors, working with a professional restoration company provides several advantages. These include:

1. Properly Certified and Trained Technicians

Not all service providers are certified or meet the standards of certain certification bodies. While technicians handling electrical and plumbing have their certification bodies, the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a respected organization generally recognized in the restoration industry for water damage restoration. For a restoration company to be a certified IICRC, it must have insurance, licensed technicians, and practices that meet its strict standards.

This means working with certified technicians is the best chance of finding effective service providers for water remediation in Cape Cod. Whether it’s restoring the effects of water damage or any other property damage, you can trust a licensed company to deliver top-notch output. 

2. Certified Technicians That Minimize Costly Damage

Reliable restoration companies can provide rapid responses to emergencies. Floods and burst pipes can make properties unlivable and lead to long-term property damage if left unchecked. In these cases, time is of the essence. By addressing the issue swiftly, restoration companies can prevent severe long-term damage. 

In emergencies that require immediate action, restoration companies can come swiftly to mitigate the water damage. Quick action ensures your possessions and property structure are protected through drying, clean-up, and repair. 

3. Assessments That Provide Long-Term Protection

On top of addressing the visible damage, professional restoration technicians can spot the early signs of wear that could lead to long-term damage down the road. Rather than kicking the can for the future, they can recommend solutions that protect your property for years. 

A good example is how restoration companies can take additional steps for mold remediation after treating floods and plumbing issues to prevent mold growth. While your spaces may look visibly dried from water remediation in Cape Cod properties, water can seep into wood and porous materials in the flooring or walls. Having the necessary equipment can detect excess moisture in the walls that could lead to mold growth over time.

4. Assistance with Insurance Claims

Insurance isn’t required for property owners, but smart investors should have some coverage to protect their investments. Amidst all the stress of dealing with property damage, knowing the steps, required documents, and processes to file an insurance claim can be overwhelming. This is why professional restoration companies offer assistance with filing insurance to cover the costs of restoration and repairs. 

Not knowing the ins and outs of filing an insurance claim can lead to payout delays that could slow down restoring your property or under-filing your claim and paying out of pocket for the remaining amount. Working with professional restoration companies can reduce this risk as you’re given the assistance to document and create your claim. 

5. Cost-Effective Without Sacrificing Quality

While DIY solutions may seem cheaper, consider the quality factors and the running costs of properties that aren’t restored to their best possible condition. Some of the ways professional restoration companies become the more cost-effective solutions include:

  • Adequate Insurance Coverage: In case of injuries on the property or additional property damage during the restoration period, your restoration company will be responsible for the costs incurred.
  • Item Replacement: Restoration technicians can determine if furniture, equipment, or any other item in the affected area of your property can be salvaged. You can save on the costs unless it’s more practical to replace the item with a new one (such as instances of your insurance covering the loss).
  • Long-Term Stability: Issues that weren’t addressed without a comprehensive restoration assessment can continue to worsen with time. This could lead to even worse damage that exhausts more time and resources to repair.

Trust the Services of Restoration 1 for Water Damage Restoration in Plymouth, Wareham & Provincetown

Both residential and commercial properties in Massachusetts are prone to property damage, such as water damage, fire damage, and mold growth. When faced with an emergency or seeing signs of these happening on your property, trust the reliable restoration company in your area to deliver solutions that protect your property. 

Restoration 1 is the reliable source for water remediation in Cape Cod and surrounding areas in Massachusetts. Our technicians are properly trained, certified, and adequately insured to tackle the problem areas around your property. 

Get in touch with Restoration 1 today to learn more about our water damage restoration solutions.