Let Professionals Track And Resolve A Hidden Plumbing Leak For Guaranteed Results In Your Home

By urbans at Shutterstock

There’s not a single type of water damage that is ideal. But when you cannot see the source — hidden water damage — the situation is unbearable. You know there’s a leak, you know something must be done — but what?

The answer is to call your local restoration company. Their team will help track the source of your water leak, mitigate damage and clean and dry the area fast. The sooner you can call for help, the better.

Determining the Source of the Water Leak

The first step in handling a hidden plumbing leak is to find the source before the water damage worsens. You have less than 48 hours before water damage escalates into mold.

  • Expert Diagnosis — To track the problem on time, an expert diagnosis using proper equipment is a must. IICRC-certified technicians use moisture monitors and industry-leading techniques to find water damage behind walls and under flooring.
  • Common Sources — Knowing the common sources of hidden water damage can help narrow down the cause. These sources include leaking/burst pipes, HVAC units, clogged gutters, toilet overflows, sewage backups and faulty appliances.
  • Professional Troubleshooting and Repair — Many homeowners opt for DIY water damage cleanup. They find the problem worsens. Instead, let a professional troubleshoot and repair a water leak to ensure the best results. They’ll use advanced restoration equipment and techniques.

What to Expect from the Professional Water Damage Repair Process

The professional water damage repair process is the final solution for a water leak. This process includes:

  • Locating the Source — With years of experience, water damage technicians can track the source of your leak fast. They know the common causes and locations of leaks in residential homes.
  • Guaranteed Results — With DIY water damage cleanup, you risk missing a part of the problem. With professional service, there’s no question about it.
  • Mold Prevention — After a water leak, mold is a genuine concern. It grows within 48 hours of moisture or water damage. The experts will dry the scene and use dehumidifiers to cut out humidity and, thereby, mold.

Your local Restoration 1 is the leading provider of today’s top water damage restoration services. Our team is adept at tracking hidden water leaks and resolving them fast. For service you can trust, give us a call today!