ny property can be vulnerable to water damage, including business establishments in Washington. That’s why services like commercial water damage restoration are available to help businesses that have experienced water damage due to inclement weather, plumbing damage, and more. 


But what should a commercial property owner expect from commercial water damage services? Take it from an experienced commercial water damage company that has been operating for a while. Here are some of the services you should expect from your provider.


Water Extraction


If you’ve recently experienced flooding or plumbing issues, then there may be a lot of standing water in one or more areas of your commercial property. This can be an issue, especially for properties with basements and properties with porous wooden structures. This service involves removing all standing water from the property. The area is then thoroughly dried to reduce the amount of water absorbed. 


Drying and Dehumidification


Even if you’ve managed to remove the standing water on your own, there’s no telling which areas are still damp and moist. Left unchecked, this can weaken porous structures around your home. It can also create an optimal environment for mold spores to grow in as little as 72 hours. This service ensures your spaces are dry and your indoor air is free of any excess moisture. 


Mold Remediation


Untreated water damage can create an environment that’s suitable for mold growth. After 72 hours, you may see common black mold forming in certain areas of your property. On top of this being unsightly, it can continue to grow around the property and spread to walls, ceilings, and even furniture. Mold can be difficult to completely remove on your own, which is why commercial water damage restoration includes treating mold from the source. 


Structural Repairs


Water damage can compromise the structural integrity of different parts of your establishment. Left unchecked, it can cause issues like droopy ceilings, cracks in the walls, and potential damage to any load-bearing structures. After the excess water has been handled, technicians can get started on repairing any parts of your business’s structure.


Contents Restoration


Water damage’s effects can also extend to any furniture or equipment on your property that has been damaged over time. Rather than disposing of these and buying replacements, your restoration company can salvage your damaged items and bring them back to their pre-damaged condition. This process involves cleaning, restoring, sanitizing, and repairing your items. 


Loss Evaluation and Documentation


Following inclement weather, wear and tear, or any plumbing issues that result in water damage, you may need to file an insurance claim for your property. Commercial water damage companies can help you with this process. Their professionals can assist you with assessing the damage and then documenting the damage to help you create a stronger insurance claim. 


Emergency Response and Mitigation


Unexpected incidents can worsen if they aren’t handled immediately. That’s why reliable restoration companies offer emergency response services 24/7. They have on-call technicians that can come to your property as soon as possible and assess the damage. From there, they can see if immediate action is needed to mitigate the risk of damage getting worse. 


Reconstruction and Restoration


For water damage issues that have gone beyond minor repairs, technicians may need to completely reconstruct and restore certain areas of your establishment. This involves carefully removing the water-damaged portions and then restoring the rest of your property to its original state. 


Trust Restoration 1 of Washington, Your Reliable Commercial Water Damage Company 


These are some of the services you should expect for commercial water damage restoration. If you want service that’s prompt and professional, trust the team of Restoration 1 of Washington to deliver all these for your commercial establishment. 

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