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Southern West Virginia

older home

Buying an Older Property? Here are a Few Property Checks to Make

Buying a newly-built home isn’t everyone’s dream. In fact, many people like the charm and character that older homes offer. Think butler pantries, telephone nooks, and sleeping porches. These character…

water damage insurance claim

5 Tips For Homeowners That Need To File A Claim With Insurance Company

Storm damage. Faulty plumbing. Frozen pipes. These are just a few of the very common water damage problems Southern West Virginia homeowners face. Because water damage is so typical, it…


5 Reasons Why Mold Remediation Should Be Handled by Professionals

A major problem with a mold infestation in Southern West Virginia is not knowing you have one. Luckily, mold remediation specialists can locate hidden mold in your home. They have…

Sanitation in Schools During COVID-19

Tips to Keeping Your Classroom Clean During COVID-19

Thankfully the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be slowing down. As vaccine programs continue across the country, and our numbers steadily drop we can all breathe a sigh…

best practices for keeping offices clean

Best Practices for Keeping Offices Clean

Currently, we are still in the midst of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. In what seems like a dark cloud of uncertainty, what we do know is that we all need…

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