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Things can feel overwhelming and stressful if your property has sustained damage from water, mold, or fire. With your life on hold or your business operations interrupted, we understand one of your priorities in this time is getting your building back to normal as soon as possible. 


Fortunately, this isn’t a project you have to take on alone. Finding a certified restoration company in Lakeshore, Michigan, can help you return your home or business to its pre-damage state in no time. 

What Do Restoration Companies Do?


Restoration companies are among the first people you want to get in touch with after a disaster or emergency. Restoration technicians are rapid responders who can help you deal with the aftermath of a flood, water damage, or fire. They have been trained and certified to clean, repair, and restore properties after major events as safely and efficiently as possible. 


Getting help from the right fire or water restoration company is crucial in regaining your home and your life, no matter what disaster you’ve faced. 


Water Damage Restoration 


Many restoration teams offer water damage restoration as part of their comprehensive services. Whether you have water inside your home due to a plumbing breakdown, roof leak, or flood, they have experts who can remove the standing water and restore affected areas and contents. 


In general, you can expect a water restoration company to perform the following: 


  • Inspect the flooded area to determine the repairs required. 
  • Extract any stagnant water using commercial pumps and vacuums. 
  • Dry the affected area using dehumidifiers, high-velocity air movers, and fans. 
  • Repair damaged structures such as flooring and subflooring, walls, and ceilings. 
  • Clean, disinfect, and dry salvageable items. 
  • Keep you updated at every stage of the restoration process. 


Speed is critical to minimizing your losses after a water damage event, so it’s best to contact your trusted water damage restoration professionals as soon as possible. The sooner the water extraction and drying process can begin, the better. 


Mold Remediation Services


Mold can affect both residential and commercial properties, compromising their structural integrity and exposing their occupants to significant health issues. Fortunately, professional restoration companies can help you make your property safe and healthy again through mold remediation services. 


While the mold removal process will differ from one case to the other, here are some steps restoration companies can take to remove mold: 


  • Keep you and your family safe. 
  • Ensure the safety of all technicians working on your property. 
  • Document your property’s condition and work processes required for the job.
  • Prevent the contamination from affecting other areas of the property using approved containment methods. 
  • Remove and discard moldy materials safely.
  • Clean and disinfect salvageable items. 
  • Eliminate excessive moisture in rooms using fans and dehumidifiers. 
  • Repair or replace damaged building materials. 


Fire Damage Restoration 


Property restoration companies offering a fire damage restoration service can help you recover from fire damage, regardless of its extent and severity. They have the skills and equipment to handle tasks such as: 


  • Inspecting the property and assessing the fire, smoke, soot, and water damage.
  • Removing the water used to extinguish the fire and dry the affected area to prevent further issues. 
  • Removing structures, furniture, and other items that can no longer be salvaged. 
  • Removing smoke and soot from surfaces. 
  • Removing or restoring the HVAC system. 
  • Cleaning and deodorizing fire-damaged buildings.
  • Cleaning and drying salvageable content.  


Other Services To Expect from Restoration Companies


Besides these core service offerings, professional restoration companies can help property owners like you regain a sense of normalcy by providing the following: 


24/7 Emergency Response 


Property restoration companies recognize that emergencies can happen at any time, so they stand ready to respond to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re also equipped and available to assist residents and businesses whose properties have been affected by catastrophes, such as: 


  • Burst pipes 
  • Sewer line breaks 
  • Septic tank backflows 
  • Property fire 
  • Smoke damage from wildfires 
  • Floods 
  • Severe storms and tornadoes 
  • Winter storms 


Board Up Services 


You can count on restoration companies when it comes to minimizing your losses and preventing further issues wherever possible. They can board up your property and place tarp covers on the roof to fend off more damage from weather elements or vandalism. 


Contents Restoration 


Other than restoring buildings, restoration companies in Lakeshore, MI, can also help you save your valuables and other prized possessions. They follow a proven process for cleaning and drying salvageable goods. 


More importantly, they can take care of the entire process – from packing your items away and storing them in a safe facility to returning them to your home once the restoration job is done. 


Insurance Claims Assistance 


The best part is that water, mold, and fire damage restoration companies can also help you file your claim correctly. This speeds up the process and allows you to relax, knowing that knowledgeable professionals are handling your paperwork. 


Partner With the Right Restoration Company in Lakeshore, MI


When things feel overwhelming after a disaster and returning to your routine seems impossible, a restoration team can help clean up your property and restore it to its former glory. As such, there’s no harm in understanding what they do and what you can expect from a restoration company in the area. Practicing preventive measures and knowing the right professionals to call are key to getting back up and running, no matter what difficulties may come your way. 

Save your property from subpar workmanship and code violations. When disasters and emergencies strike, call only experienced, licensed, and insured experts like Restoration 1 of The Lakeshore. Our IICRC-certified team offers 24/7 emergency response and comprehensive solutions to get your property back to the way it was. Contact us today for professional help!