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Restoration 1 delivers professional property restoration solutions in Erie, Colorado by handling fire damage, mold and water damage.

Every residential and commercial property is prone to some form of damage. Whether it’s from regular wear and tear, an accident that happens on your property, or the aftermath of inclement natural occurrences like floods, storms, and hail, our team is just one call away to restore your property’s safety.

The Town of Erie offers various recreational activities for residents to enjoy, which is why it’s no surprise that the community has steadily grown over the last few years. With plenty of outdoor activities and majestic views of the Flatiron Mountains, it’s vibrant atmosphere attracts many visitors.

However, that won’t stop different factors from causing property damage to homes, shops, and other types of properties in the area. When these unexpected incidents occur, it’s best to call a professional – contact Restoration 1’s team of certified technicians to inspect your property and provide the services it needs to stay in its best possible condition.

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Erie Remediation and Restoration Services

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

Water damage in Erie can affect any residential or commercial property in the area. From the effects of Colorado’s flash floods seeping into your foundation or basement, melting snow, roof leaks, faulty plumbing, and many other sources, water damage can compromise the stability of your property’s structure and lead to costly damage down the line. Once you suspect water damage, give the professionals at Restoration 1 a call to take a look.

With our water damage restoration in Erie, we can prevent severe long-term damage from affecting your property’s quality. One of our certified technicians can inspect your property, perform the necessary steps to prevent water damage, and address any additional damage resulting from your existing property damage. Get prompt and reliable services for water damage restoration in Erie from the technicians that you can trust.

Mold infestations on your property can be the result of water damage or natural growth in your property in areas that are naturally moist and humid, like bathrooms and kitchens. While rarely ever life-threatening, mold can be an unsightly problem in your home that can trigger respiratory issues. DIY solutions may also be ineffective, as spores can easily spread and bloom in as little as 72 hours.

Erase the signs of mold with effective mold remediation in Erie. Our services use efficient methods to remove mold off and within your walls, ceilings, and even onto other furniture where mold has spread. If your mold is caused by water damage, our technicians can also address the property damage caused by mold to ensure your property is safe and structurally sound, on top of having mold-free spaces.

After putting out devastating fires, you might not be able to see the lasting damage it has made to your property. Aside from the visible fire and smoke damage, the fire could have weakened key parts of your home, which could lead to faster wear and tear or damage that puts everyone inside your property at risk of damage. On top of that, smoke residue can be stubborn and trigger respiratory irritation, making it difficult for those with conditions from staying in your property.

If your property has experienced a devastating fire, contact our emergency line for immediate service that delivers fire damage restoration in Erie. Our professional technicians are well-equipped and experienced to inspect your property for signs of lasting damage that could be invisible to the everyday eye. We can get started as soon as possible to make your property safe to use by restoring your damaged spaces to their best possible.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

Why Choose Restoration 1 as Your Erie Remediation Company

We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction

Emergency Restoration Services

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service

Don’t wait for regular operating hours to deal with property damage. In case of damage outside of regular hours that needs immediate attention, contact our emergency line immediately. We have on-call technicians ready to head to your location to minimize the damage as soon as possible.

We Work With All Insurances

We Are Licensed and Insured

Restoration 1 takes steps to ensure the safety of our clients and team. Our technicians are licensed to handle the different parts of your property safely. In case of accidents or injuries that occur during the restoration process, we’re fully insured to handle liabilities and compensation.

Certified Restoration Experts

We Have Trained, Certified Technicians

Our technicians undergo extensive training and are certified as per our state’s requirements. You can expect professional technicians to deliver prompt, high-quality restoration services that produce outstanding work on your property. Get in touch with us for services that ensure the safety and quality of your property.


We Make Sure You’re Completely Satisfied

At Restoration 1, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction. We work closely with our clients to ensure our restoration projects meet their expectations. On top of regular updates and comprehensive guidance throughout our service, we provide realistic turnaround times and a team that you can trust with your property.

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Check Out Our Keep It Clean Program

Achieve cleaner spaces after our restoration projects with our Keep It Clean Program. We can provide sanitation and disinfection solutions that meet your property’s needs. Whether it’s a one-time deep-cleaning service or a team of cleaners to regularly keep your spaces clean, we’re more than happy to help.


We Provide Other Services As Well

Restoration 1 specializes in various services like mold remediation, fire damage restoration, and water damage restoration in Erie properties. We also offer other comprehensive services that address different kinds of property damage. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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