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Witnessing a fire affect your property is one of the most devastating scenes that no property owner should ever experience. Even those seemingly minor fire incidents can take their toll once you instantly see the possessions you’ve worked so hard to acquire completely destroyed.

While there is no way to truly prepare for such a disaster, there are some ways restoration specialists can help ease your stress while addressing the effects of the disaster. Through the process of fire damage restoration in Chicago North Shore, restoration professionals can help mitigate the damage on your property and restore it to its pre-loss condition.

Learn more about the process of fire damage restoration in Chicago North Shore below.


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation stage comprises the time the fire restoration crew receives and responds to your call for assistance. Upon arrival at the scene, the professionals consult with you about the incident, gathering more information to help with the restoration process.

This is a crucial stage as the information gathered here can help with damage assessment and the formulation of a plan for fire damage restoration in Chicago North Shore. 


Damage Assessment and Evaluation

After first responders have declared the fire out and the property safe for entering, the restoration experts will then begin the comprehensive assessment of your property to determine the extent of the damage. This search will include the examination of your property’s structure and the evaluation of the extent of smoke, soot, fire, and water damage.

Through the assessment findings, the restoration team can provide a detailed report of the current condition of your property and an estimate of how extensive repairs and cleanup will be. This gives you an idea of how much time the fire and water restoration process will take, which helps set the right expectations.


Removal of Contents

During the comprehensive inspection of your property, the restoration team will also take note of items and belongings that are still salvageable and restored. If the cost of restoration or repair of these items is considerably less than the cost of replacement, they will carefully relocate these items to a secure location and prepare them for restoration.

Once the items have been secured, the restoration team will proceed with restoration, beginning with cleaning and sanitation. They will take the time to remove any traces of soot and smoke damage and restore them to their pre-loss condition. These items will be kept secure until water and fire restoration on your property is completed and you are ready to move back in.


Site Preparation and Isolation

Before any work can be done on your property, it’s paramount that it be secured first to prevent further damage to your property. Once the assessment has been concluded and the team is given the go-signal to proceed with fire and water restoration, the team will get to work immediately to secure your property. Mitigating measures that will be taken will include the following:

  • Emergency board up.
  • Roof cover-up.
  • Temporary fencing around the property.
  • Bracing to provide additional support, especially if structural integrity has been compromised.

After securing your property, the work area will then be prepared and isolated from the rest of the property. Suppose any sections have been severely damaged but are irreparable. In this case, the team will carefully demolish these areas to make way for repairs. All the debris will then be removed from the property to clear the work area from anything hindering the team from performing their job.


Water Extraction and Drying

Water damage will always accompany fire damage due to fire suppression activities. Because of this, the next step in the fire damage restoration process will be water restoration. This process begins with the extraction of standing water to prevent further water damage, which will then proceed to dehumidification to ensure the complete removal of moisture in the area.


Cleaning and Decontamination

The damage caused by smoke and soot is always secondary to the fire. However, they can have a lasting effect on your property and impact your and your family’s health when not dealt with immediately. 

The professional restoration team will take the time to clean and decontaminate your home to eliminate the threat of acidic soot and smoke. This will include HVAC decontamination, carpet cleaning, and area deodorization. All of these will ensure the complete removal of nasty smells and dangerous smells leftover from the incident.


Fire Restoration and Reconstruction

Finally, after the area has been thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, the reconstruction of your property can then begin. Spot repairs are done to fix minor damage to your property. For areas that have been more severely damaged, reconstruction is performed to effectively restore your property’s pre-loss condition.


Call For Help From Restoration Chicago North Shore Experts

Any incident involving fire can be emotionally devastating and cause significant loss. It can be disheartening for any property owner to find their property ravaged by fire. Because of the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by homeowners during these incidents, restoration professionals must always be sensitive to their plight without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

As your go-to service provider, Restoration 1 acts with swiftness and compassion to help you get through this ordeal. We handle everything from securing your property to restoring its original pristine condition so you can focus all your energy on keeping your family safe and secure. Contact our restoration Chicago North Shore office today to learn more about how we can help you through our fire damage restoration services.