A House Damaged After A Fire

When discussing damage after a property fire, the first things that often come to mind are scorched upholstery, burned wood structures, and holes through the roof. Even if the fire was contained in one area, smoke, and soot could reach other rooms and affect them, too.

Fortunately, a fire damage restoration service addresses all issues associated with property fire. They have the skills and equipment to clean up the mess, restore salvageable items, and return your home to its pre-fire state.

A Quick Overview of Fire Damage

What makes fire damage tricky to address is that it involves other issues besides the actual damage left by burning. Smoke and soot can continue to compromise certain structures inside a building even after the flames have been extinguished. Moreover, water used to put out the fire poses risks of water damage and microbial contamination.

A comprehensive fire restoration service includes solutions designed to help with all these issues. Reliable restoration companies perform more than just general cleanup. Instead, they also minimize the chances of water and mold damage and perform decontamination and deodorization, among many others.

What’s Included in a Fire Damage Restoration Service?

Fire damage restoration services are typically fairly extensive and cover the following:

  • Fire damage (e.g., burned furniture, fixtures, and buildings)
  • Smoke damage (e.g., blackened ceilings, stained walls, lingering smoke smells)
  • Soot damage (e.g., dry, wet, or oily soot marketing walls, floors, and furniture)
  • Water damage (e.g., soaked furniture, water-logged walls, mold)

For the swiftest fire restoration services, it’s best to work with licensed, certified, and experienced companies. These qualifications prove they possess the required technical skills and equipment to get your property back to normal.

The restoration solutions companies employ can vary depending on the extent of the damage. These are the general steps reliable teams take to restore buildings after a fire:

1. Inspection and Damage Assessment

Fire damage cleaning services begin with a thorough inspection of the affected building. Once the authorities deem it safe to do so, a restoration technician comes out to visit the site and evaluate the extent of the fire damage. They conduct tests to analyze the destruction, identify salvageable components, and determine the necessary repairs to restore the property. This site inspection and damage assessment also lets them understand how much work is needed to provide you with a quote.

2. Water Extraction and Drying

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Many fire damage cleaning services include water extraction and drying, as fire extinguishing efforts often leave gallons of water behind. The actual blaze can also damage plumbing and cause pipes to burst or leak. Leaving parts of the building underwater can lead to further issues like mold and corrosion.

Restoration companies come equipped with tools like submersible pumps and wet vacuums to remove water from your property as quickly as possible. Fans and dehumidifiers are then used to dry the affected area thoroughly and reduce the risks of microbial growth and health problems.

3. Board Up Services

Property fires typically destroy roofs, windows, and doors, exposing homes to natural elements, wild animals, and even burglars. Professional fire damage restoration teams offer emergency board-up and tarping services to secure your property. They can install temporary covers for open windows and place tarp covers on damaged roofs. These ensure your building is protected from the weather and that no one enters your property unauthorized.

4. Smoke and Soot Cleanup

A Man Using A Power Washing To Clean The Side Of The Buildling

Cleaning up smoke and soot damage is another solution commonly included in complete fire damage cleaning services. Restoration experts follow safety measures and proven methods to address issues left behind by smoke and soot, like the discoloration of appliances and the settling of acidic residues on surfaces.

Salvageable items and rooms are then sanitized to make the property fit for living again. If certain areas are already corroded and damaged beyond repair, this step also involves discarding them.

5. Odor Removal

A blaze can leave an unpleasant smell, frustrating occupants and making them uncomfortable. Expert teams use odor counteractants to remove persistent smoke odors and eliminate odor-causing microbial contamination.

6. Contents Restoration

Fire restoration service providers also have technicians trained and certified in restoring contents after fire and smoke damage. On top of upholstery cleaning, they can clean and renew salvageable carpets, drapes, electronics, bath and kitchen fixtures, and more.

Moreover, they offer pack-out services to gather and get repairable items out of harm’s way. All your restored possessions are kept in secure and dry storage until all repairs and reconstruction work are done.

7. Repairs and Reconstruction

A Man Painting The Ceiling

A fire damage restoration service typically ends with repairing or rebuilding everything affected by the blaze. Repairs can be as minor as fixing the floors, replacing drywall, and painting walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, major repairs can include rebuilding or completely replacing significantly damaged areas within the home.

How these solutions are employed depends on the severity of fire damage on your property. Nevertheless, this brief outline should give you an idea of what services to expect from a fire damage restoration company.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Fire Restoration Service Provider

It’s critical that you hire professional and reliable providers for your fire damage restoration service. On top of receiving assistance from trained and experienced experts, you’re also likely to enjoy a swift and hassle-free execution. Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be disheartening and overwhelming, but having a trustworthy team by your side can make every step of your restoration project as painless as possible.

The best way to start vetting restoration companies is to check their online reviews. Customers sharing positive experiences with the team you’re eyeing after a similar fire damage event can indicate you’ll be in good hands. Most importantly, ensure that they are certified by the IICRC and other regulatory agencies.

Restoration 1 is Your Reliable Source of Fire Damage Cleaning Services

Excellent fire damage cleanup and restoration services not only include addressing scorched components but also minimizing permanent smoke and water damage. Unfortunately, not all restoration teams offer these complete solutions. It’s critical that you partner with a service provider carrying the skills to resolve all possible issues after a property blaze for a smooth and seamless restoration journey.

Restoration 1 is a licensed, insured, and IICRC-certified restoration company committed to delivering unmatched service. We offer fire restoration services nationwide and work with all insurance companies for hassle-free claims processing. Get in touch anytime for a free damage assessment to get started.