House Bad Odor

There’s nothing worse than a lingering odor in your household, especially when you have guests over. Depending on the smell’s strength, it may take a while to work out where this offensive odor is coming from. And, unfortunately, you may be stuck with it for several days. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of top household smell offenders. While sources of household smells and odors vary, here are a few of the leading contenders when it comes to a home that smells less than fresh – and how you can rid your home of these unwelcome smells, for good!

The Top 5 Odor Culprits in Your Home

  1. Pets

    Perhaps the most lovable offender, indoor pets can lead to some nasty lingering smells. Not only can carpet accidents lead to foul odors, but their actual smell can be left behind on carpets and furniture too. Bacteria from carpet accidents will often absorb into the carpet fibers, pad, and nearby furniture. Leaving a foul odor in a much larger space than the original ‘oopsie’. Clean up the accident quickly to prevent seepage. Use caution when using harsh chemicals that could damage your floor or harm your pet. If the smell doesn’t dissipate after clearing, professional odor removal may be necessary. Washing your dog, or your cat if it lets you, will help remove odors and dirt, while frequent brushing prevents shedding hair from reaching your furnishings. Be sure to regularly vacuum or mop up shedding and dirt brought in from a certain four paws. Don’t forget to clean their beds, blankets, and toys with only pet-safe cleaners and detergents.

  2. Dishwashers

    Dishwashers are one of our most beloved appliances, but the food and liquid they wash off our dishes and cutlery can create a smelly buildup of grime and bacteria. Discharge pipes may bring a lasting, pungent smell into your household. A particularly tricky smell to sniff out, locating this odor can be somewhat difficult. And, when you do find it – unless you’re a plumber or particularly handy when it comes to drain cleaning – you may need to call in some professional help. Restoration experts can also help when it comes to safely access and cleaning appliance pipes.

  3. Mold

    In addition to the known health dangers of mold infestation, the presence of this menace in your home releases several chemical compounds that smell awful. So, if you constantly get a whiff of rotting wood or a very tangy smell, then you probably have a mold problem. The problem with mold is that it often hides behind drywall or high up in your attic. As soon as you catch wind of a musty, damp smell that won’t go away, it’s time to call in the professionals. Restoration companies can locate and completely eradicate mold growth as well as sanitize the area to prevent further infestation. To learn more about why mold remediation should be left up to professionals, read our blog post here.

  4. Refrigerator Smells

    Your refrigerator can also cause unwanted smells when it is not properly maintained. The combination of various contents inside the appliance (like that fruitcake you forgot in the back of the fridge a few months ago) can form a penetrating smell that is sometimes hard to identify. It’s important to keep your fridge clean of spills and messes, and frequently inspect the ‘freshness’ of your food to reduce the risk of stinky spoilage. Don’t forget to check and clean underneath the refrigerator too. During those grab-and-snack moments, food can fall next to the fridge and easily get kicked underneath. As the abandoned snack begins to rot or become moldy, a persistent odor can arise.

  5. Your HVAC System

    A smell that reminds you of a dirty gym bag can often come from your HVAC system. This lesser-known culprit is usually caused by a buildup of bacteria on your heating system coils. This bacterial growth can happen throughout the year but is more common during spring and fall when the system constantly switches between cool and warm air. Condensation on the coils creates the ideal environment for bacterial growth, which produces a sweaty gym-like odor. The best way to rid your home of this nasty smell is to clean the evaporator coils with a proper coil cleaner or call in an HVAC professional to clean and service the system for you safely.

It can be challenging to identify the guilty party behind the unpleasant odors in your home, especially when there is more than one source at work. A property restoration company like Restoration 1 can help you pinpoint and eliminate these foul-smelling odors so you can go back to proudly hosting friends and family. However, it’s always helpful to identify the odor-causers yourself and take the necessary precautions to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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