Signs Of Ceiling And Wall Water Damage Can Help You Find The Help You Need Sooner

By volkovslava at Shutterstock

Of the many forms of property damage, none are more common than water damage in residential homes. You rely on your plumbing system and water-based appliances each day, so something is bound to go wrong eventually. When it does, your wallet will pay the price, and your health can be affected as well if water damage is allowed to sit.

In the event of a plumbing leak localized to the ceiling or a wall, there will be signs and symptoms that present in time. Knowing these signs can help you reduce the cost and damage caused by water. We’re here to educate you on the signs of ceiling and wall water damage.

Common Signs of Ceiling and Wall Water Leaks

  • Smells — One of the earliest signs you have a water leak is the smell. A strong, unpleasant odor often accompanies a plumbing leak, as the hidden water begins to pool and form mold and bacteria. It’s a musty, earthy odor.
  • Visual Damage — The visible signs of water damage from a hidden leak may appear similar to a dirty wall, peeling paint or unexplained stains. The telltale sign of a leak in the ceiling is often a circular stain that is darker in the center, where the water is dripping, and spreads outward.
  • Sagging Ceiling — As time goes on, your ceiling may sag with the weight of the water. The material will lose structural integrity, and foam tiles will buckle as they saturate and drop.
  • Rising Water Bill — An early warning sign of a serious plumbing leak is generally present on your monthly water bill. If you compare your current bill to previous month’s bills and notice your water usage has dramatically increased, that may be concerning. You’re still paying for the water streaming from a leaking pipe.
  • Warped Walls — In the wall, the drywall will start to soak up a lot of water and moisture from a water leak. As it does, the material will bend and curve, causing the wall to warp. Excessive warping will lead to costly and severe structural damage. It might be better to replace the material altogether at this point.

The Cost of a Hidden Water Leak

While it’s impossible to give a concrete number for a water leak, we can explore the factors that will affect the total price. For example, when you receive a quote for water damage restoration from a local restoration company, they’ll consider a few key factors. These include the source, area, extent of the damage, required materials and the process and labor involved with the job.

Before any work begins, you’ll have a thorough quote in your hands to approve or deny as you see fit.

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