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Innovative Software Streamlines Management, Operations, and Performance for Franchisees

Restoration 1, an award-winning restoration franchise in North America, today announced its partnership with KnowHow, an AI-powered, mobile-first training and operational how-to app primarily used by restoration business owners. Through the partnership, KnowHow will serve as a resource for Restoration 1 franchisees to streamline the onboarding and training of new employees while also providing access to up-to-date resources across all franchise locations.

“As Restoration 1 continues its commitment to support franchisees in building sales and profitability, we are excited to partner with KnowHow as an industry-leading technology in the restoration space,” said Jessica Wescott, COO and CFO of Stellar Service Brands, parent company of Restoration 1. “Partnering with KnowHow will provide franchisees with additional support for building and growing their businesses and assisting with training, hiring, and retention as they create and expand their local teams.”

“For us, KnowHow has been a game changer because it allows us to tailor different parts of our restoration company to meet the unique needs of each location,” said Ryan Klis, owner of Restoration 1 of Suffolk County and Restoration 1 of Cape Cod. “By creating location-specific content, we ensure our teams can deliver consistent, high-quality experiences for home and business owners dealing with losses. This customization not only streamlines our operations but also enhances the support and care we provide to our clients during their challenging times.”

KnowHow allows franchisees to efficiently train and equip staff with Restoration 1-specific content and IICRC standards with a user-friendly app that includes checklists, diagrams, tips, and step-by-step instructions that can be translated into 12 different languages. Users can also use the AI-powered search functionality to get answers to job-site questions in real time.

Franchisees can view insights into employee engagement and the subjects they would like to delve deeper into. Additionally, they can easily create their own content for employees or edit content from Restoration 1 Headquarters and customize it per their local laws and specific team’s procedures. The platform provides a simple user interface that makes it easy for franchisees to add new users, assign content, and track engagement across their teams.

“By adopting KnowHow as a part of its company structure, Restoration 1 is exemplifying its commitment to franchisee support,” said KnowHow CEO Leighton Healey. “By integrating our AI-powered app into its operations, Restoration 1 is not only optimizing processes, but it’s empowering its franchisees to build a strong operational foundation that scales with their business.”

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