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By Alexsandr Tsybulskyy at Shutterstock

Over the years, many smells accumulate in the fibers of your carpeting, furniture, and clothing. These smells, when disturbed, release contaminants into the air. Anyone suffering from asthma, allergies, or a sensitive sense of smell will likely suffer from the results.

It’s time you took back your home from these odors. There are exceptional restoration services offering professional odor removal nearby. These teams are equipped and trained to handle smoke odor removal at a moment’s notice. You’ll live and breathe cleaner!

Removing Smoke Odor

Although most property restoration work (including odor removal) is best left to the experts, you can start the process yourself. A few DIY techniques are quite useful when dealing with unwanted odors.

To completely remove the smoke smell, you must first remove the source. All surfaces in your home, including countertops, furniture, and appliances must be thoroughly cleansed of fire or smoke damage.

Unfortunately, burning a scented candle or spraying scented aerosol will only mask the odor, not resolve it for good. Proper ventilation can help remove some of the smoke smell, but only so much. In reality, ventilation alone will dilute the odor but not remove the smell completely. It’s just one step in the process.

Smoke Odor Cleaning Tips

Now, let’s explore those DIY techniques we previously mentioned. These tips come straight from FEMA, so you can be sure they are reliable and helpful.

  • Wash and thoroughly scrub all exterior surfaces, including walls, decks, driveways, windows, and screens.
  • Disinfect the interior walls and hard surfaces, including countertops, using a mild soap or appropriate cleaning solution. Don’t forget to wash the cabinets, drawers, and closets, too.
  • Completely launder and clean all clothing items left inside of the home during the fire.
  • Disinfect and deodorize any smoke damaged carpeting, window coverings, upholstery, and mattresses using steam cleaning equipment.
  • Ensure ventilation, heating, air conditioning units, and air ducts are professionally cleaned to remove the built-up soot, ash, and smoke remnants. On all of these systems, be sure to swap out the air filter at least once per month.
  • Wash, dust, and deodorize household items, including picture frames and knick-knacks found throughout the home.

As you can see, completely ridding your home of smoke odors is a multi-step process that takes time to complete. Therefore, it’s usually best to hire a local restoration company. These teams are fully equipped with the most advanced restoration equipment, as well as years of experience.

Any sort of harmful or unwanted odor in your home can be eliminated when you contact your local Restoration 1 for assistance. We provide 24-hour professional odor removal services across the country every single day. Call today! We guarantee exceptional results from our teams.