Fire Damage Cleanup And Remediation - Restoration 1

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After a fire occurs in your home, you have one focus: to restore your property. After extensive fire damage, your top priority is to move past this trauma and rebuild your home. For substantial fire damage, the reality is that you will not be able to clean it up on your own, nor would you want to due to the potential dangers and lack of training in proper cleanup techniques. But, there are some things to do to help begin the process. Remember, Restoration 1 is available to help you every step of the way during fire & smoke damage restoration.

Remember, Fire Damage Is Dangerous

We tell homeowners across the country to avoid re-entering a property after a fire until it has been deemed safe. You need to wait until either a professional from our team or a first responder has given the all-clear to do so. There are two main concerns when it comes to fire-damaged homes: structural integrity and smoke contamination. Any shifting of weight or a wrong step could mean collapse. This could result in injury or worse, so do not enter prematurely. Many people fail to remember that smoke contamination continues to be a risk after the flames have been put out. Smoke residue clings tightly to a home, and remaining particles can cause respiratory complications without the proper protective gear. Wait until a member of our team is there to help.

Gather Information and Document Fire Damage

Once you’re cleared to look around, your next task is to gather as much information and documentation of the damage as you can. No real cleaning measures can get underway until an insurance adjuster sees the state of the place. At all Restoration 1 locations, part of our fire & smoke damage restoration process includes an inventory of all items in the property, salvageable or not. We will do everything we can to save your personal property. If you have items of value that are completely destroyed, we encourage you to gather any receipts or paperwork that will come in handy for insurance purposes. For now, do what you can to document everything. Take photos, videos, and notes to make a case. Once your claim has been approved, we can begin restoration.

How We Restore Your Home Following Fire Damage

To begin the cleaning process, we’ll move everything that can be restored to a safe location, and dispose of irreparable items with your approval. Then, we’ll remove ruined flooring and building materials. Once damaged items and materials have been removed, we can start making repairs. Next, we’ll treat for smoke. Smoke leaves behind more than odor; dangerous smoke particles can linger in the air, circulating around your home long after the flames are extinguished. We’ll ensure any remaining smoke residue is eliminated and healthy air quality is restored.

Find Your Local Restoration 1 for Fire Damage Restoration

Restoration 1 has locations across the nation that offer the same promise: 24/7 reliability. Our comprehensive fire & smoke damage restoration process is available to you around the clock. No matter what time you need us, we’ll be there for you. Find your local Restoration 1 location today by visiting our website.