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Restoration 1 is a long-established team offering comprehensive restoration solutions for residential and commercial properties. We have performed fire and water damage restoration in Argyle, TX for various cases through the years. With our acquired expertise, we’ve emerged to be the team homeowners and businesses in the area turn to first after a disaster.

Argyle is a quiet rural community situated right outside Dallas-Fort Worth. Here, residents get to be surrounded by picturesque hills while staying close to the big-city amenities of the Metroplex. On top of that, they enjoy peaceful countryside living along with easy access to great schools, business centers, medical facilities, and shopping centers.

With all of these features, Argyle proves to be a great place to live. However, it pays to remember that the state is prone to experiencing natural disasters every year. Home emergencies are not uncommon here, either. As such, you need a team you can trust when calamity strikes, like Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth.

As the trusted restoration professionals in the area, our experts in fire and water damage restoration in Argyle, TX, offer the most effective solutions to get your property back to normal. They are certified technicians who know how to use advanced restoration equipment and follow best practices to rebuild your home or workplace successfully.

Aside from that, our crew also knows that prompt response is key to preserving as much of your property as possible. That’s why we perform your much-needed water or fire damage restoration in Argyle, TX swiftly and with a sense of urgency.

When you’re faced with a flooded basement or a fire-damaged building and don’t know what to do next, don’t hesitate to call your local Restoration 1 team for help. You can count on us to meet your every need through efficient water removal, fire damage cleanup, and mold remediation in Argyle, TX.

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Argyle Remediation and Restoration Services

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

Water damage from appliance failure, plumbing problems, or natural disasters can quickly wreak havoc on your property. And if you don’t act fast, it can also give rise to musty odors, mold growth, and even health issues like contamination. The upside is that when you call us for water damage restoration in Argyle, TX, we can clean up the mess immediately and keep these further complications at bay.

Our expert technicians undertake an efficient cleanup process to prevent water and moisture from destroying your property further. Moreover, they know how to work with all kinds of contaminated water and classes of water intrusion. Ultimately, they use only modern equipment and approved processes to successfully carry out water damage restoration in Argyle, TX and get things back to normal.

The appearance of mold can be unsightly, but it does more than just make your home look unappealing. If left unchecked, it can eventually eat away at your wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and floorboards while producing allergens that trigger respiratory problems. So to protect your property and keep your loved ones healthy, it’s best to enlist professional mold remediation in Argyle, TX as soon as you see the first signs of mold growth.

We understand that mold and moisture go hand in hand. That’s why we make sure to address the moisture problem in your home while getting rid of the molds. Moreover, our experts in mold remediation in Argyle, TX use professional tools and approved chemicals to keep them from coming back. With our tried-and-tested approach, we can return your property to a safe and healthy environment once again.

We understand that a small flame only takes a few seconds to turn into a devastating fire. Unfortunately, it can also quickly obliterate your belongings and documents. Considering all of these, we understand that you and your loved ones are going through a tough time. That’s why we’re here to offer you the most prompt and caring fire damage restoration in Argyle, TX.

As your ever-reliable restoration team, we are available around the clock to lend a helping hand. Aside from that, you can count on our skilled technicians to perform a comprehensive fire damage restoration process to return your home to its pre-damaged condition. But most importantly, our team will work with you until your property is healthy from the inside out.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

We have experience working with all insurance companies and can help you file a claim correctly, no matter where you are located.

Why Choose Restoration 1 as Your Argyle Remediation Company

We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction

Emergency Restoration Services

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service

We understand how distressing it can be to deal with the aftermath of a fire accident or natural disaster, so we’ll never leave you to deal with this on your own. Instead, we carry out water and fire damage restoration in Argyle, TX around the clock so we can help you get your property back to normal in no time.

We Work With All Insurances

We Are Licensed and Insured

At Restoration 1, we take the fundamental steps to reestablish your home or workplace as safely as possible. That’s why when you call us for fire damage cleanup, water removal, or mold remediation in Argyle, TX, you can rest assured the technicians we send out are licensed and insured to perform the task.

Certified Restoration Experts

We Have Trained, Certified Technicians

We know that rebuilding a property after a catastrophe requires the skills and expertise of a certified professional. As such, we take pride in having skilled, thoroughly trained, and accredited technicians on our team. They know how to use innovative restoration techniques to bring you exceptional results.


We Make Sure You’re Completely Satisfied

Your local Restoration 1 team understands that cleaning up the mess after a flood or fire can be an emotionally trying time. As such, you can trust us to go the extra mile for you. We’ll skillfully carry out your water or fire damage restoration in Argyle, TX, and ensure your satisfaction with your newly reconstructed property.

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Check Out Our Keep It Clean Program

If you are looking for a professional solution to keep your family, customers, or employees safe, our Keep It Clean Program is worth considering. This customizable program provides you with professional disinfecting services you can maximize to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria within your home or workplace.


We Provide Other Services As Well

As part of our commitment to helping you get things back to normal as soon as possible, we’ve expanded our offerings to other services like carpet cleaning, odor removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism removal, and more. So whatever damage or disaster you are dealing with, know that you can always turn to us for help.

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