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Restoration 1 is a recognized leader in the property restoration and remediation industry. We specialize in Highland Park water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, and mold remediation, serving residents and businesses in the area with top-notch solutions and customer service. 

Highland Park is a vibrant, family-friendly city in Chicago’s North Shore region, situated along Lake Michigan. It’s well-known as the backdrop for several iconic movies like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Sixteen Candles,” and “Home Alone.” Aside from this, Highland Park is also home to numerous cultural festivals, diverse restaurants, various housing plans, and first-rate schools. 

Another thing to love about Highland Park is that it has nine thriving business districts, a lively downtown shopping district, service businesses, and an eclectic mix of neighborhood shops. With these features, the city proves to be a wonderful place to start a family, open a business, or simply enjoy life.   

Indeed, Highland Park residents are situated in the middle of dynamic business districts, quaint neighborhoods, and exciting annual events. But as a resident or business owner in this suburb, it helps to remember that there is always the risk of unexpected disasters. Disasters can happen anytime and affect your home or force you to shut down your operations. You will need to know the experts in fire and water damage restoration in Highland Park to successfully bounce back from any emergency.  

When a plumbing emergency, fire, or mold infestation turns your property upside down, Restoration 1 of Chicago North Shore is the team of reliable professionals you can turn to. We have IICRC-certified technicians trained to handle your water, mold, or fire damage and provide you with satisfying results. 

 Most importantly, your local restoration experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to your call and send expert help. Contact us today, and look forward to a professional, thoughtfully restored property in no time!

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Highland Park Remediation and Restoration Services

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

Water rushing into your home from a malfunctioning appliance, sewage backup, burst pipe, or flood can make a mess inside your property, soaking your cherished items and rendering your devices unusable. More importantly, it can also cause secondary issues such as structural problems and even microbial contamination. Before the situation worsens, enlist water damage restoration in Highland Park right away.

Whether your water damage came from a problematic plumbing component or a flood after heavy rainfall, you can trust Restoration 1 to have the right solutions. Our trained and certified technicians understand the different categories of water damage and how to treat each best. They also use modern equipment and approved practices in Highland Park water damage restoration to quickly get things back to normal.


Mold can easily make your home or business look unwelcoming to your loved ones, employees, or customers. But aside from that, microbial growth can also release allergens and toxins into the air, putting vulnerable individuals at risk of developing respiratory problems and other health issues. This is why it’s crucial to enlist professional mold remediation in Highland Park as soon as you suspect or detect microbial growth inside your property.

At Restoration 1, we understand the urgency of addressing a mold infestation on any property, so we always stand ready to address this issue for you. Our crew is also trained and certified to perform mold remediation in Highland Park, so they stick to industry-approved techniques. Lastly, we use tried-and-tested chemicals and equipment to treat your building’s moisture problem and contamination right at its source.

Fire events can happen unexpectedly, even to the most careful households and commercial property owners. But what makes things more disheartening is that a flame can spread within seconds, causing structures to crumble. We understand that going through such an ordeal is overwhelming and stressful, so we offer the most professional fire damage restoration in Highland Park to help you recover.

In these situations, your and your loved ones’ safety and well-being should be your priority. As such, you can count on us to handle everything else for you and take care of your property as if it were our own. On top of that, your friendly technicians at Restoration 1 are experienced in renewing damaged components, treating HVAC systems, and restoring affected belongings, so you can rest assured that your home or business is in good hands.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

Why Choose Restoration 1 as Your Highland Park Remediation Company

We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction

Emergency Restoration Services

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service

When your life is far from normal after water, fire, or mold damage has affected your building, you need experts who will show up in the most crucial moments — like Restoration 1. We are available around the clock and throughout the year to get your property back to normal. 

We Work With All Insurances

We Are Licensed and Insured

Since we’re on a mission to help our community members get back on their feet after a disaster, we find different ways to alleviate your burdens. We do this by providing you with a stress-free restoration service and dispatching only licensed, bonded, and insured technicians. 

Certified Restoration Experts

We Have Trained, Certified Technicians

Your local Restoration 1 company is composed of trained, experienced, and certified restoration professionals. With this, you can rest assured that we’ll come to your place and get the job done right the first time, no matter what emergency you’ve been through. 


We Make Sure You’re Completely Satisfied

We believe you can only truly move forward with your life or get your business back up and running if you’re satisfied with your new property. This is why we do everything in our power to return your building to its pre-damaged condition according to your budget and requirements. 

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Check Out Our Keep It Clean Program

You can also contact your local Restoration 1 team if you’re looking for a one-time or regular cleaning service for your home or office. Contact us to learn more about our Keep It Clean Program and how we can customize this cleaning and disinfecting service to your needs.


We Provide Other Services As Well

While our primary expertise lies in Highland Park water damage restoration and fire damage cleanup, we offer other services to address more issues that may affect your property. Contact us today to schedule our team for emergency cleanup, pack-out and storage, and carpet cleaning.

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