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Western Wayne County

What Happens To Your Belongings After a Disaster?

You Have Been Through A Disaster. What Happens To Your Belongings?

Natural disasters can strike anywhere and anytime, causing significant damage and disruption to homes and businesses. Whether it is a flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane or tornado, the aftermath of a…

Preparing for Winter Colder Temps

Preparing for Winter Colder Temps

Are you prepared for a severe winter that includes below average temperatures? Last winter was mild, but that’s not a guarantee that this winter will be too. Although you can’t…

Lighting and Fire Safety Around the Holidays

Lighting and Fire Safety Around the Holiday

Holiday fires are the worst. They’re so destructive, and to see the damage done to homes and businesses during the holidays is depressing. And even more so, because so many…

kitchen safety tips for the holidays

Kitchen Safety During the Holidays 

As we enter the holiday season, millions of Americans will gather around their tables to share a special meal with family and friends. Some families will try new recipes and…

Caring For Our Pets

A Change In Seasons Requires A Change In Caring For Our Pets

Why Petcare Should Change With The Season Throughout this month, Restoration 1 of Western Wayne County will be posting articles on disaster preparation for pets. There are some good articles…

Prevent Plumbing Disasters

Water Damage – How to Prevent Plumbing Disasters

It would be nice to buy a home and then not have to worry about it or do anything to it! But our homes have maintenance requirements – which may…

Heat and Asbestos

Weather Disasters and Asbestos

When hurricane Ian churned through the southern United States last year, the damage in its wake was shocking. This sudden, catastrophic event not only claimed 148 lives but also destroyed…

Summer Safety Kids

Summer Safety For Kids

Summer is the favorite time of year for many children. The long, fun-filled days are a welcome break from the routine and demands of school. Instead of lessons and recess,…

Home safety checks before travelling

Follow These Steps Before Packing Your Suitcase

It’s vacation time! Yippee! Before you head out, we’d like you to check a few things around your house. Believe me, this will be worth the time you spend reading…

Small Plumbing Leaks. HVAC and Maintenance Checks.

Small Plumbing Leaks And Other Preventative Maintenance

Small Plumbing Leaks. HVAC and Maintenance Checks. If you can spend one morning paying particular attention to often neglected areas of your house, you can save time and trouble later….

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