Many Household Appliances Lead To Water Leaks That Can Be Avoided With A Simple Checklist

By evgenii mitroshin at Shutterstock

No one wants water damage or water leaks in their home, but most household appliances require a water connection to operate. Take a good look around at these appliances because one of them is likely to leak and cause water damage before long. That’s being optimistic. These appliances, while so incredibly useful to your family and home, are disaster-prone. They’re bound to leak eventually.

You, as a homeowner, owe it to yourself to understand the risks and which common household appliances most often cause water leaks. The best way to avoid such leaks is to check for leaks through a simple checklist.

Common Household Appliances That Cause Water Damage

You rely on your refrigerator for fresh food, your washing machine for clean clothes and your dishwasher for spotless dinnerware. On an appliance like the washing machine, the hose isn’t overly tough. It will last for a time, but you’ll likely want a replacement before long.

  • Refrigerator — Your refrigerator is bound to produce a lot of moisture, especially during the summer. As you open the door and warm air passes over the condenser coil, that moisture accumulates at the bottom and leaks out onto the floor.
  • Dishwasher — Your dishwasher may leak because of a malfunction, too much detergent, the wrong type of detergent, etc. It can be a fickle system. Unfortunately, the resulting water damage is more like flood damage due to the volume.
  • Washing Machine — A washing machine leak can be a dramatic and damaging ordeal. Typically, it’s one of the hose connections, gasket, seal or pump causing the water leak.

Checklist to Avoid Water Damage

  • Clean the refrigerator condenser coil before the weather starts to turn warm. This will help reduce the risk of an overflow caused by grime buildup and lower your monthly electricity bill, too.
  • At least once per year, take some time to clean out the dishwasher filter. It’s gross, to be sure, but useful to keep the dishes clean and avoid an overflow or leak from springing up.
  • Again, once per year, take a moment to clean out the washing machine drain trap. It may become clogged with grit and grime from your clothes and lead to an overflow if you’re not careful.

Do not let your home fall victim to serious water damage caused by a simple appliance water leak. Call your local Restoration 1 for 24-hour water damage restoration and cleanup. We’re adept at handling the mess caused by refrigerators, hot water heaters, dishwashers and any other type of appliance you rely on at home.