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Mold Remediation Western Wayne County


Mold Detection and Prevention

It’s Spring. And that calls to mind spring cleaning . . . and maybe some decluttering chores. While all this is going on, Spring is a good time to pay attention to areas of high moisture around your home or office. Here are some things to consider.

How Much Mold Is Too Much?

The particles that turn into mold are actually in the air around us every day. When the moisture level is high – let’s say after a flood in your bathroom or basement – mold growth will start quickly – and it will continue to grow as long as the moisture level remains high. Paying particular attention to these areas can prevent small problems from developing into large ones.


There is no practical way to eliminate all of the mold spores in an indoor environment. But there are many ways to help control moisture and mold growth in your home or office. The basic rule is: if you can see or smell mold, take steps to eliminate the excess moisture, and to clean and remove any mold. It is very important to quickly identify and correct any moisture sources before health problems develop.

Here are some suggestions for owners of homes or businesses.

  • Fix leaks in pipes and any damp area around tubs and sinks so mold spores don’t have a growing environment. 
  • If you rebuild or remodel, or have moisture-prone areas, consider water-resistant building materials such as tile, stone, deep-sealed concrete or waterproof wallboard. 
  • Prevent seepage of water from the outdoors into your house. It’s important to have rainwater from gutters or the roof drain away from the house. The ground around the house needs to slope away to keep the basement and crawl space dry. 
  • Ventilate any crawl space as much as possible to allow for thorough drying. 
  • Reduce the moisture in the air with dehumidifiers, fans and open windows or air conditioners. Try to keep the humidity in your home below 40%. 
  • Reduce potential for condensation on cold surfaces by insulating.


If you discover mold, the first step is to find and eliminate the water source. Then if it is a small area and you feel comfortable, clean the mold with a detergent solution and thoroughly dry all materials. Larger areas, more than 10 sq. ft., may need the help of a professional mold remediation company, such as Restoration 1 of Western Wayne County. We understand and apply industry standard approaches to remediate mold completely, while being as safe for your home and your family as possible.

Schedule Your Home for a Mold Remediation with R1 of Western Wayne County

Your home is your sanctuary and poor air quality can ruin your living condition. Contact a member of our team to schedule your home for mold testing and then if needed, removal and treatment of the area.