Undercover Boss Restoration 1 Special:

Gary Findley, CEO of the Fastest-Growing Restoration Franchise in the Industry, Featured on CBS’ Undercover Boss

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Giving up the comfort and familiarity of his corporate office, Restoration 1 CEO Gary Findley went on a mission to get a ground-level view of how restoration franchises operate on Season 11 of CBS’ hit reality series Undercover Boss.

Findley went undercover as “Bobby Turner,” dressed in a mullet wig, dyed beard and mustache, ripped western shirt and fake tattoos, and geared up to work in our profitable franchises in Dallas, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Denver.

In the Undercover Boss Restoration 1 telecast in March 2022, Findley was disguised as someone looking to get into the restoration industry. His jobs included service calls for mold treatment, wet insulation removal, biohazard waste cleanup and more.

Participating on the show was beyond anything I could have imagined,
Findley said. It was an incredible experience. Not only did I meet amazing people and hear their stories, but I also got to experience some of the dirtiest and most essential jobs in our business from the viewpoint of those on the front lines who are doing the work and representing the brand every single day.

The Undercover Boss Restoration 1 episode aired on March 11 on the CBS Television Network. You can still watch it on-demand on Paramount+ to get an inside look at how our profitable franchises operate across locations.


A Restoration Franchise That Values Your Success

Restoration 1 is an industry-leading restoration franchise committed to helping entrepreneurs hone their management skills and propel their business to success. We work closely with our franchisees to create a pro forma business plan that generates recurring revenue growth.

Throughout the years, the leadership of Findley has enabled Restoration 1 franchise to achieve unprecedented growth that continues to this day. Here’s what awaits you when you become a Restoration 1 franchise owner:


Low Initial


Multiple Business Opportunities


Training and Support


Recession-Proof Business


Collaborative Environment


Revenue Streams

Looking for a Franchise for Sale in Your City?

Unlike other brands in the industry that offer limited franchises for sale, Restoration 1 boasts large, prime territories available across the country. We have more than 193 active, profitable franchises and have added 20 new locations since the start of 2021.

As our restoration franchise continues to grow, we offer more franchises for sale to help more entrepreneurs elevate their quality of life.

What Our Restoration 1 Franchisees Are Saying:

Great people in the corporation who are very helpful. They are a phone call away. It’s a wealth of knowledge. It’s been great. Restoration 1, I like the potential to grow. Building a nation-wide brand and something we can be a part of and help it grow, I like the way it’s set up so we can get help from corporate and other people. The biggest perk is the brand. They’re building something really good.

— Lance Ray

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Overall, the organization really helps you gain traction very fast. … The margins are definitely there. What really has me excited about Restoration 1 is the potential to expand, the potential to grow. And it’s not just the opportunity within Restoration 1 to buy additional franchises. When Gary talks about the next five to seven years, we’ll be the number one restoration entity in the country, I believe him. That's exciting!

— Craig Nielsen,

Peachtree City, Ga.

It’s a great business. We have great margins. … The corporate team is fantastic people. I’ve heard that experience across franchises. The support team there is truly solid. If you follow the system that they have –they’ve done so much footwork – we’ve got a lot of great data about what works and if you can put the time in, somebody who has got the drive, you can build a great business.

— Brad Jeffries,

Jackson, Miss.


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