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Water Damage 


Plumbing problems and roof leaks are common causes of water damage in homes. Fortunately, routine inspections can help you catch issues early and enlist the necessary repairs. It’s a good idea to regularly check your plumbing, roof, siding, and seals on doors and windows to ensure there are no entryways for water and moisture. 

Appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine can also break down and leak. Regular repairs and maintenance are crucial in keeping these machines from creating an overwhelming mess inside your home. 

Ultimately, freezing is another factor worth considering, especially with Massachusetts’ cold winters. Keeping the HVAC system running, having water circulate through your pipes, and disconnecting garden hoses are just a few practical ways to lower your risk of experiencing frozen pipes.




Besides causing aesthetic and health problems, mold can also cause severe damage to buildings. Since mold feeds on organic materials, it can eat away at wallpapers, drywall, floorboards, carpet, ceiling tiles, and other structures inside a home. Without prompt and proper intervention, it can eventually cause walls, ceilings, and floors to collapse. 

Contamination takes a long while to reach this point, of course. However, the longer mold is left to grow, the more materials and other items can become damaged beyond repair. 

Care must be taken when removing moldy materials, repairing mold damage, and cleaning affected structures. To keep the contamination from spreading to other parts of the house, it’s best to entrust the job to mold remediation professionals. They have the training, skills, and equipment to handle the task safely and efficiently. 


Storm Damage 


Thanks to Massachusetts’ location, it regularly takes the brunt of northeasters, hurricanes, and tropical storms. These can bring powerful winds, heavy rain, and even flooding, which can cause damage to your property. 


Wind Damage 


With enough strength, wind can uproot trees, send heavy things flying in the air, and damage siding and roofs. Strong winds can also knock down nearby trees and hurl branches through doors and windows.  

Checking for cracks, dents, and other vulnerabilities in your roof and siding can help you avoid extensive storm and wind damage. Ultimately, having nearby trees pruned reduces the chances of storm-damaged trees falling on your property.  


Fire Damage


Fire damage is not as common as the previous items on this list, but a Travelers Insurance report revealed that it is the most expensive cause of property damage. With cooking as the leading cause of house fires, the following practical tips can help you protect your home from uncontrolled flames: 


  • Wear close-fitting, tightly rolled sleeves.
  • Stay alert when cooking.
  • Avoid leaving the range or cooktop unattended.
  • Regularly clean grease or food buildup on surfaces and appliances. 
  • Install smoke alarms.  
  • Keep a working fire extinguisher easily accessible.




The state experiences up to 30 days of thunderstorms every year. While it’s unlikely that lightning will strike your home, keep in mind that these storms can cause power outages and surges, and these can start fires in an instant. 

A straightforward way to safeguard your home from costly, distressing property damage in Springfield, MA, is to unplug your appliances as soon as you notice an approaching storm. Using surge protectors also protects your devices plugged into the wall from overloading and shorting out. 


Call the Experts for a Swift, Safe, and Superior Property Damage Restoration


Awareness of the leading causes of property damage puts you in the best position to prepare and protect your home. However, if a disastrous event does happen to your home, take comfort in knowing that all hope is not lost. There are local property restoration experts available to help return your home to its original state, and all it takes is one phone call to start your road to recovery. 

At Restoration 1, we have trained and certified experts ready to help you deal with property damage in Springfield, MA. Let us take the burden off your shoulders; contact us today for any issue affecting your home.