If your property has been affected by water damage, mold, or smoke and fire damage, hiring a reliable restoration company is crucial in getting things back to normal. A team with the necessary skills, experience, and equipment can restore your building quickly and correctly. On the other hand, the wrong contractors can further complicate the situation and add to your stress.  


This leads to the critical questions: what makes a great restoration company, and how do you ensure you and your property are in capable hands? 


When the time comes to get help for your property damage in Springfield, MA, here are a few vital factors to consider. 


Experience and Reviews from Previous Clients 


One of the first things to check is if the company you’re considering has sufficient experience. Contractors offering restoration services for a long time are likely to have the know-how to handle your requirements skillfully. 


It also helps to check the reviews that previous clients have left online. Checking what other people have to say about them can give you an idea of how they work and how they’ve helped other property owners facing issues similar to yours. 


Finally, it’s also a good idea to ask your family, friends, or neighbors if they’ve worked with the contractor you’re about to hire. A good reputation in your area can indicate they deliver high-quality work.  


License, Insurance, and Certifications


When it comes to choosing the right restoration company for your Springfield property, it’s crucial that you look for licenses, insurance, and certifications. 


Repairing damaged buildings entails working in hazardous environments. When choosing a licensed and insured team, you can rest assured that their insurance can cover the damages in case of an accident. You will also be protected from legal and financial liabilities that can arise from such events. 


On the other hand, certifications give you peace of mind knowing that the professionals you’re hiring can perform the job correctly. For example, a team certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification has the skills and knowledge to perform cleanup and restoration work according to globally accepted standards. 


Comprehensive Solutions 


Even if you called a restoration company for a single known problem, other problems could be uncovered once they get to work. For example, an unchecked water damage event could have promoted microbial growth, creating the need for professional mold remediation.  


If the company you hire focuses only on water cleanup and restoration, you will have to hire other professionals for mold removal. This adds to your expenses and further delays the project. 


Considering this, it’s best to look for a restoration team with technicians trained to handle different kinds of property damage in Springfield, MA. A company offering comprehensive solutions can address any problem that arises and, most importantly, get your home back to its pre-damaged state as soon as possible. 


Emergency Services 


Emergencies can strike at any time, and when they do, you need a company that can respond to your call and send help when you need them the most. This is why it’s crucial to look for restoration professionals that offer 24/7 availability for emergencies. 


With a restoration company offering services beyond business hours, you can rest assured that you’ll have someone to turn to when a catastrophic event wreaks havoc on your property. 


Insurance Claims Assistance


Restoration projects can be financially overwhelming, so insurance claims help cover the necessary repairs or replacements. However, the filing process isn’t often straightforward, and insufficient documentation can minimize your payout. 


When selecting a restoration company in Springfield, it’s best to look for those that offer insurance claims assistance. They utilize their experience working with insurance providers to help you file a claim correctly. In addition, they take care of this task for you so you can focus your time and energy on returning to your routine. 


Choose the Property Restoration Company That Checks All the Boxes


Plenty of restoration companies will claim to offer quality services. However, only a few will have the experience, expertise, and reliability to restore your property to your needs and standards. The good news is that choosing the right restoration company does not have to be complicated. Knowing what makes a great restoration company allows you to vet contractors more easily and, ultimately, get the service you deserve.

Entrust your property only to companies that check all the boxes, like Restoration 1. We are an IICRC-certified restoration company specializing in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and storm damage cleanup, among many others. Contact us anytime for all kinds of property damage in Springfield, MA – we are available 24/7 to help you get things back to normal.