Like most of Minnesota, Minnetonka experiences its fair share of storms and floods. During particularly heavy storms, residential and commercial properties are prone to damage caused by strong winds and heavy rain. 

After the storm, you’ll have to get your business up and running as soon as possible. As a business owner, it’s imperative to ensure the safety of your commercial property before letting your team and your customers get back to business. Services such as commercial storm cleanup in Minnetonka can help, especially when you know what reliable services should entail.

Emergency Response and Initial Damage Assessment


A storm can happen at any time of the day and have devastating effects on your commercial property. Once you see signs of property damage, you shouldn’t have to wait for regular business hours for a technician to assess the damage on your property. A reliable service provider delivers emergency response services by getting to your property as soon as possible. 


Upon arrival, the technician should have the skills and tools to assess the damage done to your property. They can spot damage that needs immediate action to avoid additional damage that can affect the rest of the property.

Tree Removal


Tree damage can range from minor damage, such as branches and bark removed from the tree, to more severe damage that can result in large trees being completely uprooted. This is a job best left to the professionals, as fallen, broken, uprooted, or leaning trees risk falling over surrounding structures or any electric lines

Tree removal services typically include:

  • Removing trees or their parts that risk your commercial property and the people on your premises.
  • Assessing the health of your property’s trees to see if they withstood the storm or need to be removed for safety.
  • Applying the necessary pest control or tree fertilizer to keep the tree healthy.
  • Clearing any tree debris like branches, bark, roots, and leaves.
  • Disposing of damaged trees that need to be removed from your premises.

Roof Repair and Replacement


Your roof will most likely incur damage during a severe storm. Rather than waiting for your next scheduled maintenance, get a storm cleanup team to check for the damage on your roof. Leaving it as is after a storm could expose your attic, ceiling insulation, and the potential entry points in your walls to water damage, pest infestations, and other issues that could build up over time. 

For damaged roofs, expect your storm cleanup service to include handling roof repairs or, if necessary, roof replacements. This is a step towards protecting your commercial property from long-term damage and addressing any damage caused by the storm. 


Window and Glass Repair


Your windows, sliding glass doors, and other glass fixtures should have been reinforced or protected before the storm arrived. However, strong winds and flying debris could have led to damage even with some precautions, so watch out for the following signs of damage:


  • Shattered glass
  • Cracks, holes, and dents in your glass fixtures
  • Glass frames that are bent or damaged


Your services for commercial storm cleanup in Minnetonka should be able to handle the damage, remove the broken glass and frames, and assess how to restore your glass fixtures to their original state. 


Debris Removal


Some types of debris can be a hazard on commercial properties. Handled incorrectly, you could be exposing yourself or those in your premises to electrical hazards, mold, broken glass, sharp objects, and other types of debris that can cause injury. Rather than doing the work yourself, leave it to the commercial storm cleanup team who can do the work for you. 

Professionals that provide these services have the proper safety equipment and tools to carefully remove unwanted debris from your premises. They also understand the proper and efficient procedure of removing debris that keeps everyone safe. 


Water Damage Repair


Many commercial properties are prone to water damage during and after a storm. Wiping away any floods that have entered your property isn’t enough, as there could be significant water damage hiding inside your walls. 

To avoid the long-term effects of water damage that can compromise the safety and structure of your commercial property, you can have a professional inspect your property as part of their commercial storm cleanup in Minnetonka. 


Reconstruction and Rebuild in Case of Severe Damage


Several parts of your commercial property may take on severe damage in severe storms. This involves salvaging parts of the property that can be saved and then taking steps to rebuild the property into a usable condition. 

Following a storm, your property may not be in a safe and structurally sound condition to be used for your business. That’s why hiring a responsive team to restore your property as soon as possible can minimize the effect severe storms have on your business operations. 


Reliable Commercial Storm Cleanup in Minnetonka from Restoration 1


These are the key features you should expect from a team that offers reliable commercial storm cleanup in Minnetonka. At Restoration 1 of Minnetonka, our certified technicians are well-equipped to deliver these services after any severe storm. 

Call our emergency response hotline now and have one of our on-call technicians sent to your property immediately.