Roof Leak Detroit


Roof leaks must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid significant damage and costly repairs. In order to fix leaks promptly, the source must be located first. 

Unfortunately, finding a leak on your roof is more complex than it seems. This is because water that moves through the structure and to your attic does not always flow directly down. Instead, it gathers as a puddle on your attic floor until it finds an opening to flow through. It can also hide behind hard-to-reach areas, wreaking havoc on your home’s structure until you need extensive water damage restoration in Detroit, MI. 

The good news is that leaking roofs also leave tell-tale signs you can catch – especially if you know what and where to look. To help you out, we’ve listed some useful ways to locate your roof leak in Detroit and what steps to take to protect your home from further water damage. 


Look for Signs of Water Damage in Your Attic

One of the best places to start your detective work is your attic. Before you enter, remember to practice caution, especially if the space is unfloored, as there are only a few safe spots to walk on. If the leak is severe or has been around for some time, it’s best to consider if the ceiling can hold your weight before proceeding. 

If it’s safe to do so, look for the following signs in your attic: 

  • Water stains on ceilings walls 
  • Bulges on the interior walls 
  • Discoloration on wood or insulation 
  • Visible mold or a musty, earthy smell 
  • Holes, dampness, and other damage to your insulation 

You’ll also want to check near areas where water may gather in the roof, such as the corners where roof joints meet, or around features like chimneys, skylights, and vents.


Use Natural Light

Usually, using your flashlight and working your way from where the leak has occurred can help you trace the wet marks until you find the source. Another way to locate leaks is to turn off the lights in the attic during the day and look for spots of sunlight. If you see any coming through your roof, that hold could be the source of the drip.


Inspect Your Roof

Now that you have an idea of where the leak is, it’s best to check the situation from the outside. Hiring an expert to inspect your roof is your best bet if you’re not confident about climbing up the structure. 

Here are some signs of damage to look for in or around the area of the leak: 

  • Missing, loose, warped, or damaged shingles 
  • Missing or improperly driven nails and screws 
  • Torn flashing 
  • Improperly installed vents and exhaust fans 
  • Poorly installed or designed flashing for skylights

It also helps to scan common spots where water can enter, such as the spaces around chimneys, skylights, vents, and seams. Your gutters and other areas where debris can collect should also be included in your to-do list, as any blockage in these structures can trap moisture on and around your roof, potentially causing leaks.


Rule Out an Interior Water Leak

When spotting your roof leak in Detroit, it helps to remember that any seepage in your home does not necessarily indicate a roof problem. Before you call your roofer for repairs, it’s best to rule out the possibility of other types of leaks first. 

Specifically, you want to check if there are any faulty plumbing or issues with your HVAC unit. It’s also a good idea to check your kitchen sinks, laundry rooms, and bathrooms for any seepage to rule out appliances that can cause water damage.


Ask for Professional Help

Once you’ve found the source of your roof leak, it’s best to enlist the experts. Taking the DIY route may seem the fastest and most practical way to solve the issue. However, handling the repair work yourself may do more damage to your roof, especially if you don’t have the right expertise and tools. 

Ultimately, a professional can accurately determine the scope of the problem to not only fix your roof leak but also ensure your home is free from water damage.


Know the Experts to Call for Efficient Water Damage Restoration in Detroit, MI

Knowing how to inspect your roof for leaks is the first step toward preserving your home. This will enable you to locate the problem area quickly and get expert help before the situation worsens. Ultimately, you save yourself from more extensive issues – and time-consuming, costly repairs. 

With this, it’s worth stressing that expert help is still needed when it comes to addressing roof leaks. Water from your leaky roof may have already started to compromise your wooden structures and triggered microbial growth. Only a certified restoration company can handle these issues at once and get your home back to normal. 

If a pesky roof leak has been affecting your house and your life, Restoration 1 of Metro Detroit is the local team you can rely on. Our certified experts follow industry-approved processes for water damage restoration in Detroit, MI, to repair your roof leak and resolve all underlying water and moisture issues. Call us anytime – we are available 24/7 to address your ceiling or wall water damage.