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Fire damage repair is a necessity that every home and business must address ASAP. Did you know that in 2019 there were approximately 1.3 million fires across the U.S? These fires resulted in billions of dollars of fire damage and thousands of injuries. That is a frightening statistic, one able to wake us up to the fact that fires – whether human-made or from a natural disaster – are more commonplace than we think. And don’t think the community of Horry Country is not affected. According to reports, Horry County received around 1,400 more fire calls in 2019 than it did in the previous year. Luckily Restoration of Horry County can help you when it comes to fire damage repair!

Whether you are needing minor or significant fire damage repair, it is always best to consult experts regarding fire restoration. This is because fire brings with it many unforeseen hazards, from inhalation of toxic gases to water and mold damage. The experts at Restoration 1 of Horry County can detect and set about repairing these issues straightaway.

Let’s take a look at why it’s essential to consult the experts after fire damage, when you may need restoration, the process of repair and restoration, and how Restoration 1 of Horry County can help.

Unforeseen Hazards After a Fire

In some cases, a fire can destroy a structure, leaving it unlivable, while in others, the fire damage repair can be minimal. But you might be surprised at how much unforeseen damage a small fire can bring about. Here are just a few of the surprising elements to watch out for:

  • Damage to electrical wiring
  • Compromised HVAC systems
  • Damage to water pipes
  • Hidden structural damage
  • Mold growth

When Should You Call The Experts?

Soot and toxic gases can be released after a fire, and these are very damaging to health, property, and your belongings. Consulting with experts is always a good idea. Here are some things to look for if you’re not sure whether to call in Restoration 1:

  • Soot stains on surfaces
  • Rusting on metal surfaces
  • Strong odors
  • Changes in the property’s structure, like cracks in walls and ceilings or changes in door frames

Horry County’s Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Process

At Restoration 1, our team of expertly trained and certified technicians can help address any evident and not-so-obvious signs of damage. We aim to restore your property to its pre-damaged state. We stop at nothing to ensure that anyone who walks onto the property is safe from any hazard, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Here is our process:

  • Removal: We will remove all damaged components, including wiring, electrical outlets, etc. This is to ensure they don’t pose further hazards.
  • Flooring: Removing your flooring will help stop any harmful collection of soot, dust, or other hazardous elements.
  • Structural: We will inspect your building’s structure, from framing to subfloor, to ensure all rooms are sound.
  • HVAC System: Restoration or removal of your damaged HVAC system so that it cannot spread hazardous particles through your home.

Why choose Restoration 1 To Tackle Fire Damage Repair?

At Restoration 1 of Horry County, we use only the latest equipment and recommended processes to restore a fire-damaged property. Our technicians hold the highest certification in our industry. This, along with continuing education and a straightforward process, allows you to focus on other things while bringing your property back to normal.

Fire damage repair needs to be taken seriously immediately. Without adequate proper restoration, your home and everyone in it is at risk of injury or illness. If you have recently been through a home fire, please don’t wait to reach out to the Restoration 1 team.

Contact us today and let us help you get your restoration underway.