Restoration 1 of Fox Valley Dog Outreach

Restoration 1 of Fox Valley is committed to serving our community by helping those who can’t help themselves. There is no better example than our doggos! An important part of our Restoration 1 of Fox Valley mission is to partner with the community in working to protect and rescue animals. If you are a dog lover, we invite you to participate by following our Facebook page and sharing to help us build a community for the benefit and celebration of our canine counterparts. We need your active participation to grow our digital community. The more traction we have the more we can help and the deeper our involvement can be! We aspire to encourage an active and impactful community to bring attention to dogs in need. Lend a paw and get involved!

Learn more at, or if you have questions or suggestions for possible partnerships please contact Tracy Hodges at 630-251-9006 or


Want to make an impact with your Home's Water/Fire/Mold problem? Here's how!

Call our dedicated line at 630-593-7333

Use promo code "SNOOPY"

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Use Restoration 1 of Fox Valley for your water/fire/smoke or mold damage and we will donate part of our proceeds to Anderson Humane.

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